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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Beeing thus departed, after ſome trouble in the voyage, they arriued firſt on the coaſtes of Nu|mydia,He was repul|ſed in Barbary whiche is one of the regions of Affrike, now called Barbarie: but beyng put backe from thence by the ſtowte reſiſtaunce of the inhabitauntes, they tooke the Seas agayne, and landed in a part of Spayne, whiche long after was called Luſitania.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 He landed in Portingale.There be that haue written how it ſhould be cleped Port Gathele of this Gathelus, and certaine yeares after Luſitania, and eftſoones agayne in a maner to haue got the former name being ſome|what corruptly called Portingale. But who is able in a mater of ſuch auncientie to auowche any thing for truth?

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Gathelus with his companie beyng thus come to lande, ſought abrode in the countrey for vy|tayles and ſuch other neceſſarie things as they wanted (for their long being on the Seas had wa|ſted all their purueyance:The inhabi|tants reſiſt Gathelus. Were ouer|throwne. whoſe arriual being once knowen in the countrey, the people aſſembled to|gither, and fiercely encountring with the ſtraungers, after ſharpe and cruell fight, in the ende the Spanyardes were put to the worſe and chaſed out of the fielde.

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