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Compare 1587 edition: 1 Vnto Gathelus and his people, there was giuen a Citie called Thebes (Egyptiaca) being ta|ken from the Iſraelites.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 2 Here muſt you vnderſtande, that Pharaos daughter whiche Gathelus thus maryed, was called Scota, of whom ſuch as came of the poſteritie of that nation, were afterwardes, and are at this pre|ſent day called Scoti, that is to ſay Scottiſh men: and the land where they inhabite Scotia, that is to ſay, Scotlande.

The credite of this hiſtorie of Gathelus, we leaue to the authors. Iſrael oppreſ|ſed.

Moſes called out of Madian into Egypt.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Gathelus thus being aduaunced by ſuch honourable maryage, lyued all the dayes of his father in law Pharao Orus, in great honour. But after his diſceaſe, and in the thirde generation, an o|ther king named Pharao Chencres, ſucceeded in his throne, who oppreſſed the people of Iſrael then abyding in Egypt, with more bõdage, than euer his father, or grandfather had don before him. Nei|ther was there hope of any redreſſe, till Moyſes returned by Gods appoyntment from amongſt the Madianites (where he had remayned in exile) into Egypt, and there declared vnto this Pharao Gods commaundement, touching the deliuerance of his people.

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