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1.15. The number of Biſhoppes in Scot|land. Chap. 15.

The number of Biſhoppes in Scot|land. Chap. 15.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • THe Archbiſhoprijc of S. Andrewes.
  • Glaſque.
  • Dunfalden.
  • Dunblanen.
  • Aberden.
  • Breche [...].
  • Mora [...]y.
  • Ros.
  • Whitherne.
  • Cathnes.
  • Argadie.
  • Orkeney.
  • Ymor one of the Iles whiche are exempt and pertayne vnto the Pope.

There are three Vniuerſities.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • SAint Andrewes.
  • Aberden.
  • Glaſquo.


    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • ROthſay.
  • Albany.


    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • CA [...]nes.
  • Sotherland.
  • Roſſe.
  • Morauy.
  • Buchquhan.
  • Garuiach.
  • Garmoran.
  • Mar.
  • Mernis.
  • Angus.
  • Gowri.
  • Fiffe.
  • Marche.
  • Athole.
  • Stratherne.
  • Menteth.
  • Leuenor.
  • Wigton.
  • Duglaſſe.
  • Carryke.
  • Crawford.
  • Annandale.
  • Durmonth.
  • Huntley.


    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • BErw [...]ic, alias North Berwi [...].
  • Roxborow.
  • Selkyrk.
  • Twedale.
  • Dunfriſe.
  • Niddiſdale.
  • Wigton.
  • A [...]e.
  • Lanarke.
  • Dumbritten.
  • Ste [...]uelin.
  • Lowthian.
  • Clakmanan.
  • Kymos.
  • Fiffe.
  • Perth.
  • Angus.
  • Marnis.
  • Aberden.
  • Bamph.
  • Fores.
  • Inuernes.
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THE HISTORIE of Scotlande.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 _THE Scottiſhmen, accor|ding to the maner of other nations, eſteeming it a glorie to fetche their beginning of great auncientie, ſay that their original diſcent came from the Greekes and Egyptians. For there was (as the Scottiſhe olde Hiſtoriographers haue left in writing) a certaine noble man a|mong the Greekes, named Gathelus, Gathelus. the ſonne of Cecrops, which builded the City of Athens: or as ſome other woulde, he was the ſonne of Argus Nealus, the fourth king of the Argiues. Gathelus gy|uen to wil and pleaſure. This Gathelus playing in his youth manye wilde and vnruly partes in the Countrie of Macedonia and Achaia, was dyuerſe tymes ſharpely rebuked by his father and other of hys friends: ſo that in [...]ne diſdeining their correcti|on and wholſome admonitions,

Gathelus went in to Egypt, Anno mundi. 2416.

Gathelus was enterteyned of Pharao.

Gathelus went agaynſt the enimies.

Moyſes Cap|taine general vnder Pharao. Lib. 2. Cap. 7. Gathelus his doings ad|uaunced.

Moiſes doings not alowed.

he was bani|ſhed by his father: after which he got togither a number of ſtrong and luſtie yong men, ſuch as had vſed the like trade of liuing, and togither with them fled ouer into Egypt: & comming thither in the xxxiij. yeare of Pharao Orus, as then king of that Countrey, was receyued of him in moſt glad|ſome wiſe, for that his ſeruice (as it was thought) might ſtande in great ſtead, in thoſe warres which the Egyptians helde the ſame time with the Ethiopians that had inuaded the realme of Egypt, e|uen vnto Memphis. This Gathelus, to bee ſhort, went forth with his bandes agaynſt the ſame Ethiopians, vnder Moſes the Captaine generall of the armie, choſen thereto by diuine Oracle (as Ioſephus wryteth) which Moſes obteyned the victorie, and conquered Saba by force, he the chiefeſt and principall Citie which ſtoode in the Iſle Meroe.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 For ſuch tokens of valiancie and worthie prowes as Gathelus ſhewed, both in this Countrey, & in other places, he grew alſo into ſuch eſtimation with Pharao, that he gaue him his daughter in mariage. But Moſes was rather enuied than honored for his doyng, bycauſe the Egyptians doub|ted leaſt the Iſraelites ſhould encreaſe to ſuch a puyſſant multitude, that in the ende they might v|ſurpe and chalenge the gouernance of the whole Realme, and bring it by rebelling into their owne handes: wherefore diuerſe informations were made to the king agaynſt him,Moyſes fled. ſo that when he once perceyued himſelfe to be in daunger of the lawe, and looked for no mercie at their handes, fled from thence out of the Countrey, and gate him into the lande of Madian.The Citie Thebes was giuen vnto Gathelus. Scota daughter to Pharao.

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