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¶The third of August, at Midlenton eleuen miles from Oxford, I. Stow. 1053. A monster. a woman brought foorth a child which had two perfect bodies from the nauill vpward, and were so ioined togither at the nauill, that when they were laid in length, the one head & bodie was east|ward, and the other west: the legs for both the bo|dies grew out at the midst where the bodies ioined, and had but one issue for the excrements of both bo|dies: they liued eightéene daies, and were women children. The eight of August were taken at Quin|borow thrée great fishes called dolphins:Great fishes, & the weeke following at Blackewall were six more taken, and brought to London, the least of them was more than anie horsse.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Much about this season there were thrée no|table ships set foorth and furnished for the great aduenture of the vnknowne voiage into the east by the north seas. The great dooer and incourager of which voiage was Sebastian Gabato an English|man,Sebastian Gabato. borne at Bristow, but was the sonne of a Ge|nowaie. These ships at the last arriued in the coun|trie of Moscouia, not without great losse and dan|ger, and namelie of their capteine, who was a woor|thie and aduenturous gentleman, called sir Hugh Willoughbie knight, who being tossed and driuen by tempest, was at the last found in his ship frozen to death and all his people. But now the said voiage and trade is greatlie aduanced, and the merchants aduenturing that waie, are newlie by act of parle|ment incorporated and indued with sundrie priuile|ges and liberties.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 About the beginning of the moneth of Maie next following,Thrée maria|ges betwéene great estates. there were thrée notable mariages con|cluded, & shortlie after solemnized at Durham place. The first was betwéene the lord Gilford Dudleie, the fourth sonne of the duke of Northumberland, and the ladie Iane, eldest daughter to Henrie duke of Suf|folke, & the ladie Francis his wife, was the daugh|ter of Marie second sister to king Henrie the eight, first maried to Lewes the French king, and after to Charles Brandon duke of Suffolke. The second ma|riage was betwéene the lord Herbert, son and heire to William earle of Penbroke, and the ladie Katha|rine, second daughter of the said ladie Francis, by the said Henrie duke of Suffolke. And the third was betwéene Henrie lord Hastings, sonne and heire to Francis earle of Huntington, and ladie Katharine yoongest daughter to the forenamed duke of Nor|thumberland.

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