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Compare 1577 edition: 1 These mariages were compassed & concluded chief|lie vpon purpose to change & alter the order of succes|sion to the crowne,The euill end whereto the knitting of these couples in mariage tended. made in the time of king Henrie the eight, from the said kings daughters, Marie and Elizabeth, and to conueie the same immediatlie af|ter the death of king Edward to the house of Suf|folke, in the right of the said ladie Francis: wherein the said yoong king was an earnest traueller in the time of his sickenesse,The kings feare fell out to be true. & all for feare that if his sister Marie, being next heire to the crowne, should suc|céed, that she would subuert all his lawes and sta|tutes made concerning religion, whereof he was most carefull: for the continuance whereof he sought to establish a meet order of succession, by the aliance of great houses by waie of marriage, which neuer|thelesse were of no force to serue his purpose. For tending to the disheriting of the rightfull heirs, they proued nothing prosperous to the parties: for two of them were soone after made frustrate, the one by death, the other by diuorse.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane while,The kings sickenesse in|creaseth. the king became euerie daie more sicke than other of a consumption in his lungs, so as there was no hope of his recouerie. Where|vpon those that then bare chiefe authoritie in coun|cell, with other prelats and nobles of the realme, cal|led to them diuerse notable persons, learned as well in diuinitie as in the lawes of the land, namelie bi|shops, iudges, & other, who fell to consultation vpon this so weightie cause, and lastly concluded vpon the deuise of king Edwards will, to declare the said la|die Iane, eldest néece to king Henrie the eight, and wife to the said lord Gilford, to be rightfull heire in succession to the crowne of England, without re|spect had to the statute made in the fiue and thirtith yeare of king Henrie the eight:An euill min|ded consulta|tion of coun|cellors. the true meaning of which statute they did impugne and ouerthrow by di|uerse subtill sinister constructions of the same, to dis|herit the said kings daughters, to whome the suc|cession of the crowne of England of right appertei|ned, as well by the common lawes of this realme, as also by the said statute made in the said fiue and thir|tith yeare of king Henrie, as aforesaid. To which new order of succession, all the said kings councell, with manie bishops, lords, doctors and iudges of the realme subscribed their names,Sir Iames Hales the od man. without refusall of anie, except sir Iames Hales knight, one of the iu|stices of the common plées, who being called to this councell, would in no wise giue his assent, either by word or writing, as ye shall heare more in the histo|rie of quéene Marie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now when these matters were thus concluded,The death of king Edward the sixt. and after confirmed by a number of hands, as afore|said, then the noble prince king Edward the sixt, by long lingering sickenesse and consumption of his lungs aforesaid, approched to his death, and departed out of this life the sixt daie of Iulie, in the seuenth yeare of his reigne, and seuentéenth of his age, after he had reigned and noblie gouerned this realme six yeares, fiue moneths, and eight daies. And a little be|fore his departing, lifting vp his eies to God, hee praied as followeth.

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