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Compare 1577 edition: 1 And for a further reliefe, a petition being made to the kings maiestie for a licence to take in mort|maine, or otherwise without licence, lands to a cer|teine yearelie [...]alue, and a space left in the patent for his grace to put in what summe it would please him; he looking on the void place, called for pen and inke, and with his owne hand wrote this summe, in these words (foure thousand marks by yeare) and then said in the hearing of his councell:A blessed king.

Lord God I yeeld thée most hartie thanks, that thou hast giuen mée life thus long, to finish this worke to the glorie of thy name.
After which foundation established, he liued not a|boue two daies, whose life would haue béene wished equall to the patriarchs, if it might haue pleased God so to haue protracted the same. But he was too good a prince for so bad a people, and therefore God re|mooued him, and translated him to his owne king|dome, foreséeing the euent of something which in his secret counsell he had purposed, against a nation that knew not the benefit of the acceptable time of grace: wherein God by this péerelesse princes means ment all good to this land, as might be gathe|red by the reformation of religion, wherin the kings care was exceeding great, as his desire to establish Gods glorie was zealous: according to that notable EEBO page image 1083 allusion of Iohn Leland recorded in praise of this most excellent prince, as followeth in this epigram:
Allusio ad ety|mon nominis Eaduerdi.Quisquis Eaduerdum Romano expresserat ore,
Custodem fidei dixerit esse sacrae.
Hoc ego crediderim puero feliciter orto
A superis nomen coelitùs esse datum.
Est pater antiquae fidei defensor amicus,
Degener & nullo tempore natus erit.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But to returne where we left. By example of the charitable act of this vertuous yoong king, sir Willi|am Chester knight and alderman of London,Sir William Chester. Iohn Cal|throp draper. and Iohn Calthrop citizen and draper of the said citie, at their owne proper costs and charges made the bricke walles and way on the backeside that leadeth from the said new hospitall, vnto the hospitall of saint Bartholomewes, and also couered and vau|ted the towne dich from Aldersgate to Newgate, which before was verie noisome and contagious to the said hospitall.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This hospitall being thus erected and put in good order,Richard Ca|stel shoomaker. there was one Richard Castell aliàs Casteller, shoomaker, dwelling in Westminster, a man of great trauell and labor in his facultie with his owne hands, and such a one as was named the cocke of Westminster, for that both winter and summer he was at his worke before foure of the clocke in the morning. This man thus trulie and painfullie labou|ring for his liuing, God blessed and increased his labours so abundantlie, that he purchased lands and tenements in Westminster, to the yearelie value of fortie and foure pounds. And hauing no child, with the consent of his wife (who suruiued him, & was a ver|tuous & good woman) gaue the same lands wholie to Christs hospitall aforesaid, to the reliefe of the inno|cent and fatherlesse children, and for the succor of the miserable, sore and sicke, harbored in the other hospi|tals about London, whose example God grant ma|nie to follow.

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