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Henrie the seauenth, sonne to Ed|mund earle of Richmond, which Edmund was brother by the moothers side to Henrie the sixt.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 _KIng Henrie hauing thus got the victorie at Bosworth, Anno Reg. 1. and slaine his mortall enimie there in the field, did send be|fore his departure from Lei|cester, sir Robert Willough|b [...]e knight; to the manour of Sheriffehuton in the countie of Yorke, for Edward Plantagenet earle of War|wike, sonne and heire to George duke of Clarence then being of the age of fifteene yeares; whome king Richard had kept there as prisoner during the time of his vsurped reigne. Sir Robert Willoughbie re|ceiuing the yoong earle of the constable of that castell conueied him to London,Edward Plantagenet earle of Ware+wike sonne and heire to George duke of Clarence committed to the Tower. wher [...] he was shut vp in the Tower, for doubt least some vnquiet and euill disposed persons might inuent some occasion of new trouble by this yoong gentleman: and therefore king Henrie thought good to haue him sure.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 There was beside him in the castell of Sheriffe|huton the ladie Elizabeth eldest daughter to king Edward the fourth, whome king Richard (as ye haue heard) meant to haue married: but God otherwise ordeined for hir, and preserued hir from that vnlaw|full copulation and incestuous bed. Shortlie after, she being accompanied with a great number as well of noblemen, as honourable matrons, was with good spéed conueied to London, and brought to hir moo|ther. In the meane season king Henrie remooued for|ward by soft iournies towards London, the people comming in from all sides to behold him, and excee|dinglie reioising at his presence,King Henrie commeth to London. as by their voices and gestures it well appeared.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 At his approching néere to the citie, the maior and his brethren, with other worshipfull citizens, being clothed in violet, met him at Shordich, and reuerent|lie saluted him: and so with great pompe and tri|umph he rode thorough the citie to the cathedrall church of S. Paule, where he offered three standards. In the one was the image of saint George, in an o|ther was a red fierie dragon beaten vpon white and greene sarcenet, and in the third was painted a dun cow vpon yellow tarterne. After his praiers said, and Te Deum soong, he departed to the bishops palace, and there soiourned a season. Anon a [...]ter, he as|sembled togither the sage councellors of the realme, in which councell like a prince of iust faith, and true of promise, to auoid all ciuill discord, he appointed a daie to ioine in marriage with the ladie Elizabeth, heire of the house of Yorke; with his noble perso|nage, heire to the line of Lancaster. Which thing not onelie reioised the hearts of the nobles and gentle|men of the realme, but also gained the fauours and good wils of all the commons.

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