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But to end with king Richard sometimes duke of Glocester, a title of dignitie ioined with misfor|tune and vnluckinesse (as is noted Sée page 627. before.) So that for infelicitie it might well be compared vnto the name of Ione, a name vnhappie and much accurssed for the kingdome of Naples. As for king Richard, Guic. pag. 12. better had it béene for him to haue contented his heart with the protectorship, than to haue cast vp his snout, or lifted vp his hornes of ambition so high (and that with a setled intent) as to hacke and hew downe by violent blowes all likelie impediments betwixt him and home. Better (I say) had it béene for him to haue dwelt vpon his first honor, than to haue wan|dered in princelinesse; and better had it béene for him neuer to haue inioied the flattering prosperitie of a king, than afterwards to fall, and neuer to re|couer losse or ruine, as is noted by the poet, saieng:

Est melius nunquam felicia tempora nosse,
Quam post blanditias fortunae,T. Wat in Am. Quer. 7. fata maligna
Nec reparanda pati infortunia sortis iniquae.]

¶In this yere 1483 died William Dudleie who (by the translation of Laurence Booth bishop of Durham and chancellor of England from the sée of Durham to the citie of Yorke) was made bishop of Durham (in place of the said Laurence) by the popes bulles. Fr. Thin. The death of of William Dudleie, bi|shop of Dur|ham, descen|ded of the ho|norable house of the Dud|leies. For by vertue thereof, Edward the fourth in the six|téenth yeare of his reigne, and in the yeare of Christ 1476, directed his letters patents to the knights and other free men of that bishoprike, with all solemnitie to install the said William Dudleie (borne of the ho|norable house of the lords Dudleies) in the said bi|shoprike of Durham, and to deliuer him quiet pos|session therof, who was consecrated therevnto in the yeare of Christ 1477, in which he worthilie gouerned six yeares, and died in this yeare, as before.]

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now of learned men that liued, and wrote in the daies of this vsurper and his nephue king Edward the fift, these we find recorded by Iohn Bale. First, Iohn Penketh an Augustine frier of Warington in Lancashire, a right subtill fellow in disputation, following the footsteps of his master Iohn Duns, whome he chieflie studied, he wrote diuers treatises, and made that infamous sermon at Paules crosse, in fauour of the duke of Glocester then protector, to the disheriting of Edward the fift, his lawfull king and gouernor; Iohn Kent or Caileie borne in South|wales; George Ripleie, first a chanon of Bridling|ton, and after a Carmelit, frier in Boston, a great mathematician, rhetorician, and poet; Iohn Spine a Carmelit frier of Bristow, that precéeded doctor of diuinitie in Cambridge: and such like.

Thus farre Richard the vsurper, vnnaturall vncle to Edward the fift and Richard duke of Yorke, brethren.

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