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Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this, with great pompe he rowed vnto West|minster, & there the thirtith daie of October he was with all ceremonies accustomed, annointed, & crow|ned king, by the whole assent as well of the com|mons as of the nobilitie,Henrie the s [...]uenth crow|ned king. and called Henrie the sea|uenth of that name: which was in the yeare of the world 5452, and after the birth of our Lord 1485, in the fortie and sixt yeare of Frederike the third then emperour of Almaine, Maximilian his sonne being newlie elected king of the Romans, in the second yeare of Charles the eight then king of France, and in the fiue and twentith of king Iames then ruling the realme of Scotland. For the establishing of all things, as well touching the preseruation of his owne estate, as the commendable administration of iustice and preferrement of the common wealth of his realme,A parlement at Westmin|ster, with an atteindor and a pardon g [...]|nerall. he called his high court of parlement at Westminster the seauenth daie of Nouember, wherein was atteinted Richard late duke of Gloce|ster, calling and naming himselfe by vsurpation, king Richard the third.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Likewise there was atteinted as chéefe aiders and assistants to him in the battell at Bosworth, ad|uanced against the present king, Iohn late duke of Norfolke, Thomas earle of Surrie, Francis Louell knight vicount Louell, Walter Deuereux knight late lord Ferrers, Iohn lord Zouch, Robert Har|rington, Richard Charleton, Richard Ratcliffe, William Berkeleie of Welete, Robert Middleton, Iames Harrington, Robert Brakenberie, Thomas Pilkington, Walter Hopton, William Catesbie, Roger Wake, William Sapcote of the countie of Huntington, Humfrie Stafford, William Clerke of Wenlocke, Geffrie saint Germaine, Richard Watkins herald of armes, Richard Reuell of Der|bishire, Thomas Pulter of the countie of Kent, Iohn Welsh otherwise called Hastings, Iohn Kendall late secretarie to the said Richard late duke of Glo|cester, Iohn Bucke, Andrew Rat, and William Brampton of Burford.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In which atteindor neuerthelesse there were di|uerse clauses and prouisos for the benefit of their wi|ues and other persons, that had or might claime anie right, title, or interest lawfullie vnto anie castels, manours, lordships, townes, towneships, honours, lands, tenements, rents, seruices, fée farmes, an|nuities, knights fees, aduousons, reuersions, remain|ders, and other hereditaments; whereof the said per|sons atteinted were possessed or seized to the vses of such other persons: with a speciall prouiso also, that the said atteindor should not be preiudiciall to Iohn Catesbie knight, Thomas Reuell, and William Ashbie esquiers, in, of, & vpon the manour of Kirke|bie vpon Wretheke in the countie of Leicester, nor EEBO page image 763 in, of, and vpon anie other lands and tenements in Kirkebie aforesaid, Melton, Somerbie, Thropsegh|field, and Godebie, which they had of the gift & feoffe|ment of Thomas Dauers, & Iohn Lie. And further, notwithstanding this atteindor, diuerse of the said persons afterwards were not onelie by the king par|doned, but also restored to their lands and liuings.

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