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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After this solemne feast ended, the place of enter|uiew and méeting was appointed to be beside Meu|lan on the riuer of Seine, where in a faire place eue|rie part was by commissioners appointed to their ground.Either part was appoin|ted to bring with them not past two thou|sand and fiue hundred men of warre as T [...]t. Liu. saith. When the daie of appointment approched, which was the last daie of Maie, the king of England accompanied with the dukes of Clarence, and Glo|cester, his brethren, the duke of Excester his vncle, and Henrie Beauford clerke his other vncle, which after was bishop of Winchester and cardinall, with the earles of March, Salisburie, and others, to the number of a thousand men of warre, entered into his ground, which was barred about and ported, wher|in his tents were pight in a princelie maner.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Likewise for the French part came Isabell the French quéene,A treatie of peace. bicause hir husband was fallen into his old frantike disease, hauing in hir companie the duke of Burgognie, and the earle of saint Paule, and she had attending vpon hir the faire ladie Katharine hir daughter, with six and twentie ladies and damo|sels; and had also for hir furniture a thousand men of warre. The said ladie Katharine was brought by hir mother, onelie to the intent that the king of Eng|land beholding hir excellent beautie, should be so in|flamed and rapt in hir loue, that he to obteine hir to his wife, should the sooner agrée to a gentle peace and louing concord.

Seuen times the last being on the last day of Iune.

Titus Liuius.

But though manie words were spent in this treatie, and that they met at eight seue|rall times, yet no effect insued, nor any conclusion was taken by this freendlie consultation, so that both parties after a princelie fashion tooke leaue ech of o|ther, and departed; the Englishmen to Mante, and the Frenchmen to Pontoise.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Some authors write that the Dolphin to staie that no agréement should passe, Chro. of Flan|ders. sent sir Taneguie de Chastell to the duke of Burgognie, declaring that if he would breake off the treatie with the English|men, he would then common with him; and take such order, that not onelie they but the whole realme of France should thereof be glad and reioise. Howso|euer it came to passe, truth it is, Titus Liuius. that where it was a|gréed, that they should eftsoones haue met in the same place on the third of Iulie; the king according to that appointment came: but there was none for the French part, neither quéene nor duke that once ap|peared; so that it was manifest inough how the fault rested not in the Englishmen, but in the French|men. By reason wherof no conclusion sorted to effect of all this communication, saue onlie that a certeine sparke of burning loue was kindled in the kings heart by the sight of the ladie Katharine.

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