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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But who euer else was disquieted with this mat|ter, Iohn duke of Burgognie raged and swelled, yea and so much freated therewith, that he wist not what to saie, and lesse to doo: for he knew well that he was neither free from disdaine, nor yet deliuered from the scope of malice, bicause that he onelie ruled the king, and had the whole dooings in all matters about him. And therefore he considered, that all such mishaps as chanced to the state of the common-wealth would be imputed to his negligence and disordred gouerne|ment. To find some remedie against such dangers at hand, he thought first to assaie, if he might by any reasonable means conclude a peace betwixt the two mightie kings of England and France, which if he might bring to passe, he doubted not to reuenge his quarell easilie inough against the Dolphin Charles, and to represse all causes of grudge and disdaine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Herewith intending to build vpon this fraile foundation, he sent letters and ambassadors to the king of England,Ambassadors sent on either side. aduertising him, that if he would personallie come to a communication to be had be|tweene him and Charles the French king, he doubted not but by his onlie meanes, peace should be brought in place, and bloudie battell cléerelie exiled. King Henrie giuing courteous eare to these ambassadors, sent with them the earle of Warwike as his ambas|sador, Titus Liuius. accompanied with two hundred gentlemen to talke with the duke, as then remaining in the French court at the towne of Prouince. The earle was assailed by the waie as he iournied, by a great number of rebellious persons, gotten into armour of purpose to haue spoiled him of such monie and things as he and his companie had about them. But by the high valiancie of the English people, with the aid of their bowes, the Frenchmen were discomfi|ted and chased.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The earle at his comming to Prouince was ho|norablie receiued, and hauing doone the effect of his message, returned; and with him the earle of saint Paule, and the sonne and heire of the duke of Bur|bon were also sent as ambassadors from the French king, to conclude vpon the time and place of the mée|ting, with all the circumstances. Whervpon the king of England agréed to come to the towne of Mante, with condition that the duke of Burgognie, and o|ther for the French king should come to Pontoise, that either part might méet other in a conuenient place betwixt those two townes néere to Meulan. According to this appointment, K. Henrie came to Mante, where in the feast of Pentecost he kept a libe|rall house to all commers, and sate himselfe in great estate. Upon the which daie, either for good seruice al|readie by them doone, or for the good expectation of things to come,Creation of earles. he created Gascoigne de Fois, o|therwise called the captau or captall de Buef a vali|ant Gascoigne, earle of Longueuile; and sir Iohn Greie earle of Tankeruile, and the lord Bourchier earle of Ew.

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