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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This yeare certeine learned men in Oxford and other places,Wicklifs do|ctrine main|teined by the learned. publikelie in their sermons mainteined and set foorth the opinions and conclusions of Wic|kliffe. This troubled the bishops and other of the cler|gie sore, insomuch that in their conuocation house, the six and twentith of Iune, by a speciall mandat of the lord chancellor in presence of the procurators, re|gents, and others, as Richard Courtneie, Richard Talbot, Nicholas Zouch, Walter Midford, & such like in great multitude: sentence was pronounced by Iohn Wels, doctor of the canon law against the books of Iohn Wickliffe doctor of diuinitie,Sentẽce p [...]|nounced a|gainst Wic|klifs books. intituled De sermone in monte, Triologorum de simonia, De perfectio|ne statuum, De ordine christiano, De gradibus cleri ecclesiae: and to these was added the third treatise, which he compiled of logike or sophistrie. These books and the conclusions in the same conteined, the chancellor of the vniuersitie of Oxford by common consent and assent of the regents and non regents of the same vniuersitie, reproued, disanulled and condemned, in|hibiting on paine of the great cursse and depriuation of all degrées scholasticall, that none from thence|foorth should affirme, teach, or preach by anie man|ner of meanes or waies, the same hereticall books (as they tearmed them) conteining anie the like opi|nions as he taught and set foorth in the same books.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 This yeare about Midsummer, Fabian. Iusts in Smithfield. were roiall iusts holden at London in Smithfield betwixt the sene|schall of Heinault, and certeine Henewers challen|gers, and the earle of Summerset, and certeine Eng|lishmen EEBO page image 536 defendants.Owen Glen|douer endeth his life in great miserie. The Welsh rebell Owen Glen|douer made an end of his wretched life in this tenth yeare of king Henrie his reigne, being driuen now in his latter time (as we find recorded) to such miserie, that in manner despairing of all comfort, he fled into desert places and solitarie caues, where be|ing destitute of all releefe and succour, dreading to shew his face to anie creature, and finallie lacking meat to susteine nature, for méere hunger and lacke of food, miserablie pined awaie and died. This yeare Thomas Beaufort earle of Surrie was made chan|cellor, Anno Reg. 11. Officers made. and Henrie Scroope lord treasuror. A parle|ment began this yeare in the quindene of saint Hi|larie, in which the commons of the lower house exhi|bited a bill to the king and lords of the vpper house,A pa [...]lement. conteining effect as followeth.

13.1. A supplication to the king.

A supplication to the king.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Tho. Walsi. Fabian. _TO the most excellent lord our K. and to all the nobles in this pre|sent parlement assembled, your faithfull commons doo humblie signifie, that our souereigne lord the king might haue of the temporall possessions, lands & reuenues which are lewdlie spent, consumed and wasted by the bishops, ab|bats, and priors, within this realme, so much in value as would suffice to find and susteine one hundred and fiftie earles, one thousand & fiue hundred knights, six thou|sand and two hundred esquiers, and one hundred hospitals more than now be.

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