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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king (as some write) vpon aduised considera|tion hereof had, Thom. Wals. misliked of the motion, & therevpon commanded that from thencefoorth they should not presume to studie about anie such matters. An other thing the commons sued to haue granted vnto them, but could not obteine: which was, that clearks con|uicted should not from thence foorth be deliuered to the bishops prison. Moreouer they demanded to haue the statute either reuoked, or qualified, which had béene established by authoritie of parlement, in the second yeare of this kings reigne, against such as were reputed to be heretiks, or Lollards. By force whereof it was prouided, that wheresoeuer such man|ner of persons should be found and knowne to preach or teach their erronious doctrine, they should be at|tached with the kings writ, and brought to the next goale: but the king séemed so highlie to fauour the cleargie, that the commons were answered plaine|lie,King Henrie a [...]uorer of the clergie. they should not come by their purpose, but rather that the said statute should be made more rigorous and sharpe for the punishment of such persons.

Compare 1577 edition: 1

Iohn Badbie burnt.

Tho. Walsi.

During this parlement one Iohn Badbie a tailor, or (as some write) a smith, being conuict of heresie, was brought into Smithfield, and there in a tun or pipe burnt to death, in pitifull manner. The kings eldest sonne the lord Henrie prince of Wales being present,The prince being present at the execu|tion offereth him pardon. offered him his pardon, first before the fire was kindled, if he would haue recanted his opi|nions; and after when the fire was kindled, hearing him make a roring noise verie pitifullie, the prince caused the fire to be plucked backe, and exhorting him being with pitifull paine almost dead, to remember himselfe, and renounce his opinions, promising him not onelie life, but also thrée pence a daie so long as he liued to be paid out of the kings coffers: but he hauing recouered his spirits againe,Notable con|stancie of Badbie. refused the princes offer, choosing eftsoones to tast the fire, and so to die, than to forsake his opinions. Wherevpon the prince commanded, that he should be put into the tun againe, from thencefoorth not to haue anie fa|uour or pardon at all, and so it was doone, and the fire put to him againe, and he consumed to ashes.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The king demanded in this parlement, that it might be granted to him,The kings demand in the parle|ment. to haue euerie yeare in which he held no parlement a tenth of the cleargie, and a fifteenth of the laitie; but the estates would not agrée therevnto, by reason whereof, the parlement continued till almost the middle of Maie.

A long parle|ment.

A fiftéenth granted.

At length they granted to giue him a fiftéenth, not without great murmuring and grudging of the commonal|tie. About this season died the lord Thomas Beau|ford earle of Surrie.Earle of Surrie de|ceasseth. The eleuenth of Aprill or ther|abouts, the towne of saint Omers was burnt by ca|suall fire togither with the abbeie, in which towne was such strange and maruellous prouision of en|gines,

Preparation made to win Calis.

Thom. Walsi.

and all manner of furniture and preparation for the winning of Calis, as the like had neuer béene séene nor heard of. Some write, that they of Calis standing in doubt of such purueiance, & great preparation deuised to annoie them, procured a yoong man to kindle a fire, whereby all that dread|full prouision was consumed to ashes, and so they within Calis deliuered of a great deale of care and feare which they had thereof.

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