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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This yeare after the Epiphanie, the archbishop of Canturburie called the cleargie of the prouince of Canturburie to a conuocation in Paules church at London, A cõuocation at S. Paules in London. to choose sufficient persons that might go vnto the generall councell, appointed to be kept at Pisa: herevpon were chosen Robert Halom bishop of Salisburie,Ambassadors appointed to go to the coun|cell at Pisa. Henrie Chichleie bishop of saint Da|uid, & Thomas Chillingden prior of Christes church in Canturburie. The king before this had sent am|bassadors vnto pope Gregorie, and also to the cardi|nals; to wit, sir Iohn Coluill knight, and maister Nicholas Rixton clearke, with letters, signifieng the gréefe he had conceiued for the inconuenience that fell in the christian common-wealth thorough the schisme;The contents of the kings letters to the pope. and withall putting the pope in remem|brance what mischéefe and destruction of people had chanced by the same schisme. These and the like mat|ters, to vtter what desire he had to haue an vnitie in the church, he declared frankelie in his letters direc|ted to the pope, so as it might appeare to the world, how soberlie and modestlie he sought to induce the pope to procure peace & concord in the church. ¶ Cer|teine collections of which letters (as I find them in Thomas Walsingham) I haue here set downe in com|mendation of this king so excellentlie minded. Abr. Fl. out of Thom. Wals. Hypod. pag. 159.

13.1. An extract of the kings letter to pope Gregorie.

An extract of the kings letter to pope Gregorie.

_MOst holie father, if the seat a|postolicall would vouchsafe by prouidence to consider, how great dangers haue inuaded the whole world vnder the pre|text of schisme, and speciallie the slaughter of christian people, which is of aboue two hundred thousand (as it is auouched) by the outrage of warres and battell sproong vp in sundrie parts of the world; & now late|lie to the number of thirtie thousand (by meanes of the dissention about the bishop|rike of Leods betweene two, one conten|ding vnder the authoritie of true pope, and the other vnder the title of antipape) slaine in a foughten field, whereof we make re|port with greefe; trulie the said seat would be pensiue in spirit, & with due sorow trou|bled in mind; yea at the motion of a good conscience, it would rather giue ouer the honour of that apostolicall seat, than suffer such detestable deeds further to be com|mitted, vnder the cloke of dissimulation, taking example of the true and naturall mother, which pleading before king Salo|mon, chose rather to part with hir owne child, than to see him cut in sunder. And al|though by that new creation of nine cardi|nals, against your oth (that we maie vse the words of others) made by you, wher|of a vehement cause of woondering is risen, it maie in some sort be supposed (as it is likelie) that your intent respecteth not a|nie end of schisme; yet farre be it alwaies from the world, that your circumspect seat should be charged by anie person with so great inconstancie of mind, whereby the last errour might be counted woorsse than the first, &c.

13.1. An extract of the said kings letter to the cardinals.

An extract of the said kings letter to the cardinals.

_WE being desirous to shew how great zeale we had, & haue, that peace might be granted & giuen to the church by the consent of the states of our realme, haue sent ouer our letters to our lord the pope, according to the tenure of a copie inclosed within these presents effectuallie to be executed. Wherefore we doo earnestlie beseech the reuerend college of you; that if happi|lie the said Gregorie be present at the ge|nerall councell holden at Pisa, about the yeelding vp of the papasie, according to the promise and oth by him manie a time made, to fulfill your and our desires, as we wish and beare our selues in hand he will doo; that you will so order things concer|ning his estate, that thereby God maie cheeflie be pleased, and as well Gregorie himselfe, as we, who deseruedlie doo tender his honour and commoditie with all our harts, maie be beholden to giue you and euerie of you manifold thanks.

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