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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After the king, accordinglie as séemed to him goo [...], had ransomed and punished by gréeuous fines th [...] ci|tizens of Yorke (which had borne armour o [...] their archbishops side against him) he departed [...] Yorke with an armie of thirtie and seuen thousa [...] fighting men, furnished withall prouision nec [...]sarie, mar|ching northwards against the earle of Northumber|land. At his cõming to Durham, [...]e lord Hastings, the lord Fauconbridge,The lords ex|ecuted. sir Io [...]n Colleuill of the Dale, and sir Iohn Griffith [...]eing conuicted of the conspiracie, were there be [...]aded. The earle of Nor|thumberland, hearing [...]at his counsell was be|wraied, and his confe [...]rats brought to confusion, through too much [...] of the archbishop of Yorke, with thrée hundred [...]orsse got him to Berwike. The king comming [...]orward quickelie, wan the castell of Warkewoor [...].The earle of Northumber|land. Wherevpon the earle of Northum|berland, [...] thinking himselfe in suertie at Ber|wike, [...] with the lord Berdoise into Scotland, where t [...]ey were receiued of Dauid lord Fleming.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 [...] king comming to Berwike, commanded [...] that kept the castell against him to render it [...]to his hands, and when they flatlie denied so to doo, he caused a péece of artillerie to be planted against one of the towers,Berwike ca|st [...]ll yéelded to the king. and at the first shot ouerthrowing part thereof, they within were put in such feare, that they simplie yéelded themselues without any maner of condition, wholie to remaine at the kings plea|sure. Herevpon the chiefest of them, to wit, sir Wil|liam Greistoke, sonne to Rafe baron of Greistoke,

The sonne [...] the lord Grei|stoke and o|thers put to death.


sir Henrie Beinton, and Iohn Blenkinsop, with foure or fiue other were put to death, and diuerse o|ther were kept in prison. Some write that the earle of Northumberland at his entring into Scotland, deliuered the towne of Berwike vnto the Scots, who hearing of king Henries approch, and despairing to defend the towne against him, set fire on it and departed. There was not one house that was left vn|burnt, except the friers and the church.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 After that the king had disposed things in such con|uenient order as stood with his pleasure at Berwike,The castell [...] Alnewike yeelded to the king. he came backe, and had the castell of Alnewike deli|uered vnto him, with all other the castels that belon|ged to the erle of Northumberland in the north parts, as Prodhow, Langlie, Cockermouth, Aluham, and Newstéed. Thus hauing quieted the north parts,The K. pa [...]|seth into Wales. he tooke his iournie directlie into Wales, where he found fortune nothing fauourable vnto him, for all his attempts had euill successe, in somuch that lo [...]ng fiftie of his cariages through abundance of raine and waters, he returned;He looseth his cariages. He retur [...]. and comming to Worce|ster, EEBO page image 531 he sent for the archbishop of Canturburie, and o|ther bishops, declaring to them the misfortune that had chanced to him, in consideration whereof he re|quested them to helpe him with some portion of mo|nie, towards the maintenance of his warres, for the taming of the presumptuous and vnquiet Welsh|men.

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