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Compare 1577 edition: 1 But others write somwhat otherwise of this mat|ter, affirming that the earle of Westmerland in deed, and the lord Rafe Eeuers, procured the archbishop & the earle marshall, to come to a communication with them, vpon a ground iust in the midwaie be|twixt both the armies, where the earle of Westmer|land in talke declared to them how perilous an en|terprise they had taken in hand, so to raise the people, and to mooue warre against the king, aduising them therefore to submit themselues without further de|laie vnto the kings mercie, and his sonne the lord Iohn, who was present there in the field with ba [...]|ners spred, redie to trie the matter by dint of s [...]rd, if they refused this counsell: and therefore he willed them to remember themselues well; & if t [...]y would not yeeld and craue the kings pardon, [...]e bad them doo their best to defend themselues.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Herevpon as well the archbishop as the earle marshall submitted themselue [...] vnto the king, and to his sonne the lord Iohn that was there present, and returned not to their armie. Wherevpon their troops scaled and fled their waies: but being pursued, manie were taken, manie slaine, and manie spoiled of that that they had about them, & so permitted to go their waies. Howsoeuer the matter was handled, true it is that the archbishop, and the earle marshall were brought to Pomfret to the king, who in this meane while was aduanced thither with his power, and from thence he went to Yorke, whither the priso|ners were also brought, and there beheaded the mor|row after Whitsundaie in a place without the citie,The archbi|shop of Yorke, the earle mar|shall, & others put to death. that is to vnderstand, the archbishop himselfe, the earle marshall, sir Iohn Lampleie, and sir Robert Plumpton. ¶ Unto all which persons though indem|nitie were promised, Abr. Fl. out of Thom. Walsin. Hypod. pag. 168. yet was the same to none of them at anie hand performed. By the issue hereof, I meane the death of the foresaid, but speciallie of the archbishop, the prophesie of a sickelie canon of Brid|lington in Yorkeshire fell out to be true, who darklie inough foretold this matter, & the infortunate euent thereof in these words hereafter following, saieng:

Pacem tractabunt, sed fraudem subter arabunt,
Pro nulla marca, saluabitur ille Archiepis [...]. hierarcha.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The archbishop suffered death verie constantlie, insomuch as the common people tooke it, he died a martyr,The archbi|shop reputed a martyr. affirming that certeine miracles were wrought as well in the field where he was executed, as also in the place where he was buried: and imme|diatlie vpon such bruits, both men and women began to worship his dead carcasse, whom they loued so much when he was aliue, till they were forbidden by the kings fréends, and for feare gaue ouer to visit the place of his sepulture. The earle marshals bodie by the kings leaue was buried in the cathedrall church, manie lamenting his destinie; but his head was set on a pole aloft on the wals for a certeine space, till by the kings permission [after the same had suffered manie a hot sunnie daie, and manie a wet shower of raine] it was taken downe and buried togither with the bodie.

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