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Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane time, the French king had appoin|ted one of the marshals of France called Montme|rancie, H [...]ll. The marshall Mõtmerãcie sent to aid O|wen Glendo|uer. and the master of his crosbowes, with twelue thousand men to saile into Wales to aid Owen Glendouer. They tooke shipping at Brest, and hauing the wind prosperous, landed at Milford hauen, with an hundred and fourtie ships, as Thomas Walsin|gham saith; though Enguerant de Monstrellet ma|keth mention but of an hundred and twentie. The most part of their horsses were lost by the waie for lacke of fresh water. The lord Berkleie, and Henrie Paie, espieng their aduantage, burnt fiftéene of those French ships, as they laie at road there in the hauen of Milford: and shortlie after the same lord Berkleie, and sir Thomas Swinborne, with the said Henrie Paie, tooke other fourtéene ships, as they came that waie with prouision of vittels and munition foorth of France to the aid of the other.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 In the meane while the marshall Montmerancie, with his armie, besieged the towne of Carmarden, and wan it by composition,Carmarden woone by the French. granting to the men of warre that kept it against him, licence to depart whi|ther they would, & to take with them all their mooue|able goods: the castell of Penbroke they assaulted not, estéeming it to be so well manned, that they shuld but lose their labour in attempting it. Notwithstan|ding they besieged the towne of Hereford west,

Hereford west manfullie de|fended.

Enguerant de Monstrelle [...] saith they burnt the townes but could not win the castell.

which neuerthelesse was so well defended by the earle of A|rundell and his power, that they lost more than they wan, and so they departed towards the towne of Denbigh, where they found Owen Glendouer abi|ding for their comming, with ten thousand of his Welshmen. Here were the Frenchmen ioifullie re|ceiued of the Welsh rebels, and so when all things were prepared, they passed by Glamorganshire to|wards Worcester,The suburbs of Worcester burnt. and there burnt the suburbes: but hearing of the kings approch, they suddenlie retur|ned towards Wales.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The king with a great puissance followed, and found them imbattelled on a high mounteine, where there was a great vallie betwixt both the armies, so that either armie might plainelie perceiue the other, and either host looked to be assailed of his aduersarie, & therefore sought to take the aduantage of ground. Thus they continued for the space of eight daies from morning till night, readie to abide, but not to giue battell. There were manie skirmishes, and di|uerse proper feats of armes wrought in that meane while,French lords slaine. in the which the French lost manie of their no|bles and gentlemen, as the lord Pa [...]rou [...]tars de Tries, brother to the marshall of France, the lord Matelonne or Martelonne, the lord de la Ualle, and the bastard of Bourbon, with other, to the number (as some haue written) of fiue hundred. But Engue|rant de Monstrellet affirmeth, that vpon their re|turne into France, there wanted not aboue thrée|score persons of all their companies.

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