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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 This doone, and euerie thing ordered as séemed most expedient, king Edward returned into the south parts of his realme, to be at his mothers buri|all, that in this meane time was departed this life.The kings mother de|ceassed. Hir hart was buried in the church of the Graifriers at London, & hir bodie at Ambresburie in the house of the nunnes. ¶After the funerals were ended, king Edward returned into the north parts againe: he staied a while at Yorke, and during his abode there, Rées ap Meridoc (of whome ye haue heard before) was by order of law condemned & executed. ¶ This yeare after Easter, as the fléet laie before S. Mat|thewes in Britaine, Anno Reg. 2 [...] 1292 there rose certeine discord be|twixt the Norman mariners, and them of Baion, Nic. Triue [...]. and so farre the quarell increased, that they fell to trie it by force, the Englishmen assisting them of Baion, and the French kings subiects taking part with the Normans, and now they fraught not their ships so much with merchandize as with armour & weapon. At length the matter burst out from sparkes into o|pen flame, the sequele wherof hereafter shall appeare, as we find it reported by writers.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But now touching the Scotish affaires. At length the king comming into Scotland, gaue summons to all those that claimed the crowne, to appeare be|fore him at the feast of the natiuitie of S. Iohn Bap|tist next insuing, that they might declare more at large by what right they claimed the kingdome. Her|vpon, when the daie of their appearance was come, and that king Edward was readie to heare the mat|ter, he chose out the number of 40 persons, the one halfe Englishmen, and the other Scotishmen, which should discusse with aduised deliberation and great diligence the allegations of the competitors, defer|ring the finall sentence vnto the feast of S. Michaell next insuing, the which feast being come, after due ex|amination, full triall, and assured knowledge had of the right,Iohn Balioll obteineth the kingdome of Scotland. the kingdome by all their assents was ad|iudged vnto Iohn Balioll, who descended of the el|dest daughter of Dauid king of Scotland. Robert le Bruce, betwixt whom and the same Balioll at length (the other being excluded) the question and triall onlie rested, was descended of the second daughter of king Dauid, though otherwise by one degrée he was née|rer to him in bloud. Thus writeth Nicholas Triuet. Nic. Triuet.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 But others affirme, that after long disputation in the matter, by order of king Edward, Polydor. there were ap|pointed 80 ancient and graue personages, amongst the which were 30 Englishmen, vnto whom (being sworne and admonished to haue God before their eies) authoritie was giuen to name him that should be king. These 80 persons after they had well consi|dered vnto whome the right apperteined, declared with one voi [...]e, that Iohn Balioll was rightful king. EEBO page image 289 king Edward allowed their sentence, and by his au|thoritie confirmed vnto the same Iohn, the possession of the kingdome of Scotland, with condition that if he did not gouerne that realme with iustice, then vp|on complaint, the king of England might put vnto his hand of reformation, as he was bound to doo by his right of superioritie, that in him was inuested. Herevpon king Edward awarded foorth his writ of deliuerie of seizine at the suit of the said I. Balioll, to William and Robert, bishops of S. Andrewes and Glasco, to Iohn lord Comin, Iames lord Steward of Scotland, and to the lord Brian Fitz Alane, war|dens of Scotland, commanding them to deliuer vn|to the said Iohn Balioll the seizine and possession of that realme, sauing the releefes and debts due to him of the issues and profits of the same realme, vnto the day of the date of the writ, which was the ninetéenth day of Nouember, in the twentie yere of his reigne. Also there was another writ made, and directed to such as had the kéeping of the castels in their hands, in forme as followeth.

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