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Compare 1577 edition: 1 This yeare after S. Lukes daie, Anno Reg. 40. the king assem|bled a great number of the nobilitie at London, and thither came the bishop of Bologna la grasse from the pope, bringing with him a ring,Edmund the kings sonne inuested king of Sicill and Naples. Chro. Dun. with the which he inuested Edmund the kings sonne king of Sicill and Naples. About the same time, the burgesse of Darbie obteined of the king for a summe of monie to haue the iustices itinerants to hold their assises at Darbie for the countie of Darbie, and likewise the shiriffes to kéepe their tournies there, and not at Nothingham, as before they had beene accustomed for both the shires. But now to returne to the bi|shops.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 EEBO page image 253In the meane time, the bishop of Hereford and Ruscand sought to set variance and discord amongst the English prelats, whereby being diuided in parts, and not consenting togither, they should be lesse able to giue true information to the pope, how she verie truth rested. But finallie, bicause the archbishop of Canturburie was in the parts beyond the sea, and for that also the sée of Yorke was vacant, and diuerse bishops were absent,The councell proroged. the councell was proroged till the feast of S. Hilarie, and so they departed euerie man to his home in a maruellous doubt what waie were best for them to take, sith they saw themselues in great distresse, if Ruscand did suspend or excom|municate any of them either iustlie or otherwise. For sure they were,The K. lieth in wait for mens goods. that the king as a lion lieng in wait whome he might deuoure (to get monie) after fortie daies were past, if they submitted not them|selues, would spoile them of all their goods as forfei|ted. So that the pope and the king seemed as though the sheepheard and woolfe had béene confederate to|gither to the destruction of the poore flocke of shéepe, threatning euerie mans vndooing, to their owne in|riching: and not ceasing, till with fulnesse they were forced to fall from the flesh, much like bloudsucking horsseeches, of whose nature it is notablie noted, that

Non missura priùs carnem, quàm plena cruoris,
Quando haeret tenerae mollis hirudo cuti:
Sic ignara dolis emungitur aere caterua,
Imbelles populi quid nisi praeda manent?

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Thus by reason of couetous greedinesse to get mo|nie for the furnishing of the popes warres against Manfred king of Sicill, both the pope and the king of England ran in slander and hatred of the Eng|lish nation, namelie, of the spiritualtie, so that such as recorded the acts and doings of that time, spared not to make manifest to the world by their writings, Matth. Paris. how iniuriouslie they were handled, blaming the practises of the court of Rome in plaine terms, and affirming that the pope had power in those things which worke to edification, and not to destruction. About this season,The Lord Gray forsa|keth the court. Iohn lord Grey, being one of the chéefe councellors to the king, a right honourable knight, and for his good demeanor and high valian|cie greatlie commended of all, withdrew himselfe from the court, either by reason of age that desireth rest, or rather (as was thought) for that he doubted to beare blame for such errors as were dailie commit|ted by them that bare rule about the king, which could not but bring the authors into great infamie at length, and therefore was he loth to be partaker with them of such slander as might haue redounded to him also, if he had still continued and taried amongst them.

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