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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The craftie and slie fetches which were vsed in this season by this Ruscand the bishop of Hereford, and o|ther their complices, to get monie of the prelats and gouernors of monasteries within this realme, were wonderfull, & verie greeuous to those that felt them|selues oppressed therewith; and namelie, for the debt which the said bishop of Hereford had charged them with, they being not priuie to the receipt, nor hauing any benefit thereby.A councell called at Lon|don by the le|gat. Ruscand called a councell at London, & propounded great causes why the prelats ought to aid the pope, and so therevpon demanded great summes of monie. Amongst other summes, he demanded six hundred marks of the house of S. Albons.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 To conclude, his demands were estéemed vnrea|sonable, Matth. Paris. The church|men being pinched by their pursses, fret and fume against the popes procé [...]|dings in that behalfe. so that the bishops and abbats were in a mar|uellous perplexitie, perceiuing into what miserable state by reason of immoderate exactions the church of England was brought. The bishop of London stic|ked not to saie, that he would rather lose his head, than consent that the church should be brought to such seruitude as the legat went about to inforce. And the bishop of Worcester openlie protested, that he would sooner suffer himselfe to be hanged, than to sée the church subiect to such oppression by their examples. O|ther also taking a boldnesse vnto them, affirmed,The bishops would rather become mar|tyrs, than lose their monie. that they would follow the steps of Thomas sometime archbishop of Canturburie, which for the liberties of the church suffered himselfe to haue his braines cut out of his head. Yet were those prelats euill troubled, for the king was against them on the one side, and the pope gaping after monie was become their vt|ter enimie on the other: neither were the Noble men much mooued with pitie towards the church their mo|ther (as the terme then went) now thus in miserie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Finallie, the prelats appealed from Ruscand, vnto the popes presence, and would not obeie the wilfull and violent oppressions of the same Ruscand, so that much adoo there was, and a great complaint made to the king by Ruscand,Ruscand cõ|plaineth to the king of the froward|nesse of the prelats. The bishop o [...] London his saiengs. of the stubborne disobedience of the prelats, and namelie of the bishop of London. The king was in a great chafe with him, and threat|ned that he would cause the pope to punish him ac|cording to [...]hat he well deserued: but the bishop an|swered thereto; Let the pope and king (saith he) which are stronger than I am, take from me my bishop|rike, which by law yet they cannot doo: let them take awaie my miter, yet an helmet shall remaine.

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