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Compare 1577 edition: 1 After this also,1125 Anno. Reg. 26. in the yeare 1125. a cardinall na|med Iohannes Cremensis was sent into England from pope Honorius the second,Iohannes Cremensis a legat sent into England to sée reformation in certeine points touching the church: but his cheefe errand was to correct preests that still kept their wiues with them. At his first comming ouer, he so|iourned in colledges of cathedrall churches, and in abbeies, addicting himselfe to lucre & wantonnesse, reaping where he had not sowen. At length, about the feast of the natiuitie of our ladie, he called a conuoca|tion of the cleargie at London, where making an o|ration, he inueihed sore against those of the spiritual|tie that were spotted with any note of incontinencie. Manie thought themselues touched with his words, who hauing smelled somewhat of his secret tricks, that whereas he was a most licentious liuer, and an vnchast person of bodie and mind, yet he was so blin|ded, that he could not perceiue the beame in his own eies, whilest he espied a mote in another mans. Here|vpon they grudged, that he should in such wise call o|ther men to accompts for their honest demeanor of life, which could not render any good reckoning of his owne: insomuch that they watched him so narrow|lie, that in the euening (after he had blown his horne so lowd against other men; in declaring that it was a shamefull vice to rise from the side of a strumpet, and presume to sacrifice the bodie of Christ) he was taken in bed with a strumpet, to his owne shame and reproch. But being reprooued thereof, he alledged this excuse (as some write) that he was no preest,But this shuld not séem to be any iust excuse, for M. P. saith that ye same day he consecrated the Lords bo|die, & there [...]ore he must néeds be a préest. but a reformer of preests. Howbeit to conclude, being thus defamed, he got him backe to Rome againe from whence he came, without any performance of that whereabout he was sent.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 But to returne to king Henrie, who whilest he re|mained in Normandie (which was a long time after the apprehension of the two foresaid earles) vnder|stood that his sonne in lawe Henrie the emperour was departed this life at Utregt, the 23. of Maie last past.1126 Anno. Reg. 27. Wherevpon he sent for his daughter the EEBO page image 43 empresse to come ouer vnto him into Normandie, and hauing set his businesse in order on that side the sea, and taken hir with him, he returned into England before the feast of S. Michaell, where cal|ling a parlement, Polydor. An oth taken by the lords touching the succession of the crowne. he caused hir by authoritie of the same to be established as his lawfull heire and suc|cessor, with an article of intaile vpon hir issue, if it should please God to send hir any at all. At this par|lement was Dauid K. of Scotland, who succéeded A|lexander the fierce. Stephan earle of Morton and Bullongne, and son of Stephan earle of Blois, ne|phue to K. Henrie by his sister Adela; these two prin|ces chéefelie tooke their oth amongst other, to obey the foresaid empresse, as touching hir right and law|full claime to the crowne of England. But although Stephan was now the first that was to sweare,Stephan erle of Bullongne the first that offered to re|ceiue the oth. he became shortlie after the first that brake that oth for his owne preferment. ¶ Thus it commeth often to passe, that those which receiue the greatest benefits, doo oftentimes soonest forget to be thankefull.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This Stephan latelie before by his vncle K. Hen|ries meanes, had purchased & got in marriage the onelie daughter and heire of Eustace earle of Bul|longne, and so after the decease of his father in lawe, became earle there: and further, had goodlie possessi|ons in England giuen him by the king, and yet (as farther shall appeare) he kept not his oth made with K. Henrie. Wil. Malm. Some write that there rose no small strife betwixt this earle Stephan, & Robert erle of Gloce|ster, in contending which of them should first receiue this oth: the one alledging that he was a kings son, the other affirming that he was a kings nephue.

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