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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 In the yeare next ensuing, the twentith of Octo|ber, Rafe archbishop of Canturburie departed this life,13. Kalends of Nouember. Anno Reg. 23. after he had ruled that see the space of 8. yeares, in whose roome succéeded one William archbishop, who was in number the eight and twentith from Au|gustine. Moreouer, Henrie the sonne of earle Blois, who before was abbat of Glastenburie, was now made bishop of Winchester, a man for his sin|gular bountie, gentlenesse and modestie greatlie be|loued of the English.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But to returne to the affaires of the king. It chanced about this time, that the parts beyond the sea (being now void of a gouernour (as they suppose) by meanes of the death of the kings sonne) began to make commotions. Soone after it came also to passe that Robert earle of Mellent rebelled against the king, who being spéedilie aduertised thereof,1123 Anno. Reg. 24. sailed foorthwith into those quarters,Robert earle of Mellent rebelleth. and besieged the ca|stell of Ponteaudemer perteining to the said earle, and tooke it. About the same time also the king forti|fied the castell of Roan, Hen. Hunt. The castle of Roan fortified Matth. Paris. causing a mightie thick wall with turrets therabout as a fortification to be made. Likewise, he repaired the castell of Caen, the castels of Arches, Gisors, Faleise, Argentone, Damfront, Uernon, Ambres, with others, & made them strong. In the meane season, the earle of Mellent (desirous to be reuenged of king Henrie) proeured aid where he could,1124 Anno. Reg. 25. and so with Hugh earle of Mountfert en|tred into Normandie, Polydor. H. Hunt. Matth. Paris. wasting and destroieng the countrie with fire and sword, thinking yer long to bring the same to obedience. But the kings chamber|laine and lieutenant in those parts, named William de Tankeruile, being thereof aduertised, laid an am|bush for them, and training them within the danger thereof, set vpon them, and after long fight, tooke them twaine prisoners, with diuers other, and pre|sented them both vnto the king, whereby the warres ceassed in that countrie for a time.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The king hauing in this maner purchased quiet|nesse by the sword, gaue himselfe somewhat to the re|formation of his house, and among other things which he redressed,Long haire redressed in the court. Matth. West. he caused all his knights and men of warre to cut their haire short, after the maner of the Frenthmen, whereas before they ware the same long after the vsage of women.

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