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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Shortlie after this parlement was ended, K. Hen|rie held his Christmas at Windsor, where Thur|stan archbishop of Yorke (in preiudice of the right of William archbishop of Canturburie) would haue set the crowne vpon the kings head, Matth. Paris. at his going to the church: but he was put backe with no small re|proch;Strife be|twixt the pre|lates for pre|heminence. and his chapleine (whom he appointed to beare his crosse before him at his entrance into the kings chappell) was contemptuouslie and violentlie thrust out of the doores with crosse and all by the fréends of the archbishop of Canturburie. In short time, this vnseemlie contention betwixt Thurstan and Wil|liam the two archbishops grew so hot, that not one|lie both of them, but also the bishop of Lincolne went to Rome about the deciding of their strife.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Polydor. In this yeare Charles earle of Flanders, the suc|cessor of earle Baldwin, was traitorouslie murthe|red of his owne people: & bicause he left no issue be|hind him to succéed as his heire, Lewes the French king made William the sonne of duke Robert Curthose earle of Flanders,William sonne to Robert Curthose made erle of Flanders. as the next cousine in bloud to the same Charles. ¶ Truth it is, that by his fathers side, this William was descended from erle Baldwin surnamed Pius, whose daughter Maud be|ing maried vnto William Conqueror, bare by him the foresaid Robert Curthose, father to this Willi|am, now aduanced to the gouernment of Flanders, but he wanted not aduersaries that were competi|tors and malignant sutors for that earledome, who sought to preferre themselues, and to displace him.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King Henrie misliking the promotion of the said William, although he was his nephue, for that he supposed he would seeke to reuenge old displeasures if he might compasse to haue the French kings assi|stance, thought good with the aduice of his councell towithstand the worst. Wherevpon he tooke order for the maintenance of the warre abroad, and the supplie of souldiers, and other things necessarie to be consi|dered of for the suertie of his realme.The empresse Maud maried to the earle of Aniou. Ger. Dor.

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