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Compare 1577 edition: 1 On the 27. daie of March was a generall earth|quake in England, Anno Reg. 11. 1077 and in the winter following a frost that continued from the first of Nouember vn|till the middle of Aprill. Matth. Paris. An earth|quake, a long frost, a comet. A blasing starre appeered on palme sundaie, beeing the sixteenth daie of Aprill, a|bout six of the clocke, when the aire was faire and cleere.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 About the same season, pope Gregorie perceiuing that married préests did thoose rather to run into the danger of his c [...]sse, than to forsake their wiues,Married préests. meaning to bridle them by an other prouiso, gaue commandment by his bull published abroad, that none should heare the masse of a married pr [...]est.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 King William after his comming from the siege of Doll, remained a certeine time in quiet Anno Reg. 12. 1078 during which season,


A synod hol|den at Lon|don.

Bishops sée [...] remooued.

Lanfranke the archbishop called a sy|nod or councell of the cleargie at London, wherein amongst other things it was ordeined, that certeine bishops sees should be [...] small townes to cities of more fame, whereby it came to passe that Chichester, Exceter, Bath, Salisburie, Lincolne & EEBO page image 12 Chester were honored with new sees and palaces of bishops, whereas before they kept their residence at Sellewey, Kirton, Welles, Shireborne, Dorchester and Lichfield.

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