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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Anno Reg. 10. 1076In the meane time, the king vnderstanding by earle Walteof how the matter went in England, came ouer with all spéed out of Normandie, & within a short space brought the residue of the conspirators into such a feare, that they were scattered and put to flight, without attempting anie further exploit or conspiracie against him. Manie of them also were apprehended and put to death, among whom Roger and Walteof were most famous. And though Wal|teof (as yée haue heard before) disclosed the treason, H. Hunt. Earle Walte|of beheaded. yet to the end he should offend no more hereafter, he was beheaded at Winchester by the kings com|mandement, and his bodie hauing béene first buried in the same place where he suffered, was after con|ueied vnto Crowland, and there more honorablie in|terred.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 This earle Walteof or Waldeue was sonne (as ye haue heard) to Siward the noble earle of Nor|thumberland, of whose valure in the time of K. Ed|ward the confessor ye haue heard. His son the fore|said Walteof in strength of bodie and hardinesse did not degenerate from his father, for he was tall of personage, in sinews and musculs verie strong and mighty. In the slaughter of the Normans at Yorke, he shewed proofe of his prowesse, in striking off the heads of manie of them with his owne hands, as they came foorth of the gates singlie one by one: yet afterwards, when the king had pardoned him of all former offenses, and receiued him into fauour, hee gaue to him in mariage his néece Iudith the daugh|ter of Lambert earle of Lens, sister to Stephenerle of Albermare, and with hir he had of the kings gift, all the lands and liberties belonging to the honor of Huntingdon: in consideration whereof,Earledome of Huntingdon. he assigned to hir in name of hir dower, all the lands that he held from Trent southward. Shée bare by him two daughters, Maud and Alice. We find, that he was not onlie earle of Northumberland, but also of Nor|thampton and Huntingdon.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The countesse of Cambridge or Northfolke (as other haue) wife of earle Rafe, Matth. Paris. being fled into the citie of Norwich, was besieged in the same by the kings power, which pressed the citie so sore, as it was forced for verie famine to yéeld; but yet by composi|tion; namelie, that such as were besieged within, should depart the realme, as persons abiured and ba|nished the land for euer. This was the end of the foresaid conspiracie. Polydor. Hen. Hunt. Simon Dun. Matth. Paris. At this verie time the Danes being confederate with these rebels, and by them so|licited, set forth towards England vnder the leading of Cnuto, sonne to Sueno, and earle Haco, and (vn|looked for) arriue here in England with two hundred sailes. But hearing that the ciuill tumult was en|ded, and seeing no man readie either to countenance or encourage them in their enterprise, they sailed first into Flanders, which they spoiled, and after in|to their owne countrie, with little desire or will to come againe into England. King William also vn|derstanding that they were thus departed, passed o|uer into Britaine, and there besieged the castell of Doll that belonged to Rafe earle of Cambridge or Northfolke: but by the comming of Philip the French king, king William being vnprouided of sufficient vittels for his armie, was constreined to raise his siege, although with great losse both of men and horsses.

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