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3.25. Of the drie meaſures of Englande, and their compariſon with others. Cap. 25.

Of the drie meaſures of Englande, and their compariſon with others. Cap. 25.

AS before we ſée in the moyſt, ſo doe all our drie meaſures fetch their originall from the ſponefull &c. vntill they come al the gallon: beyonde the which wée haue [...] Pecke or farthendeale of a buſhell (for that is our Engliſhe worde for a fourth part) [...] twoo gallons.

Halfe buſhell of foure gallons.

Buſhell of eyght gallons, or 64. pounde, Troye.

Strike of two Buſhelles or 128. pounded by 16. gallons.

Coome raſor or corn [...]cke of foure burſhell or 256. pounde or 32. gallons.

Quarter or ſeame of 8. Buſhelles or 512. pounde or 64. gallons.

Way, or 6. quarters of 5702. pounde or 384. gallons as by the rule of proportion is eaſie to be founde.

By theſe meaſures alſo we meaſure our Muſtard ſéede, Rape ſéede, Carot rootes, ſalt, and fruite, notwithſtanding that the filling of the Buſhell be diuers, ſith in Corne, ſalte, and ſéedes we ſtrike with a rule, but in Ap|ples & Rootes we poure them on by heape [...] This is furthermore to be conſidered, that although one wheate or barly be heauyer then an other, as the ſoyle is wette or drie, Barly cõmonly then Otes, Rye then [...]arly, wheate then Rye. &c. alſo in liquide wares, Oyle compared with wine, and both wyth hony, yet ye meaſure framed after the afore|ſayde weightes doth meate them all indiffe|rently ſo that the quantitie of the ſtandarde and not the qualitie of ware meaſured, is al|wayes to be looked on. In déede it is founde by experience that a lyke meaſure of wyne Oyle and hony being weighed togither, the Oyle ſhalbe lighter by a ninth part then the EEBO page image 123 wine, and the hony heauyer then the Wine almoſt by a thirde. Certes there is nothing that cõmeth néerer the weight of wine then the pureſt water, and yet one Wine is hea|uyer then an other as waters alſo are, of which the moſt groſſe is euer more ye weigh|tieſt. And theſe thinges haue not béene vn|knowne in tymes paſt alſo vnto the Gre|cians: for weyghing theyr Culeus of Oyle, it peyſed but 1333. pound, 4 oũces, wheras that of Wine came vnto 1481. li. fiue oun|ces ſixe Drachmes and foure Silquas. But of hony vnto 2222. pounde, twoo ounces, 9. Drachmes, one Scriptula. &c. whereof this maye ſuffice for an admonition to the rea|der. Nowe let vs ſee thoſe of the Grecians for my former purpoſe, whoſe

Cyathus hath tenne ſpoonfulles, or an ounce and one Drachme.

Oxybaphon 15. ſpoonfulles or two ounces and two Drachmes.

Cotyle foure Oxybapha or nine ounces.

Sextarius 2. Cotylas or 18. ounces.

Chenix. 3 Cotylas or 27. ounces, so called bycause that quantitie suffised to finde a man breade for an whole daye. [...]er [...]enice ne [...]eas, [...], is ſtay [...] vpon [...] dayes [...]iſion, [...]ouerbe [...]ſed by [...]hagoras

Medimnus or Metretes: 48. Chenices or 108. pounde.

¶ In lyke ſort in Rurall meaſures their Myſtrum hath 2. ſpoonfulles and an halfe.

Cyathus 4. Myſtra, or ſixe ſpoonfulles.

Oxybaphon 4. Myſtra 2. ounces 2. Drach|mes.

Cotyle foure Oxybapha, nyne ounces.

Chenicx 3. Cotylas 27. ounces.

Semiduodecima Medymni 2. Chenicas 4. pounde 6. ounces.

Semiſextarius 9. pounde.

Sextarius 18. pounde.

Tertiarius 16. Chenicas 36. pounde.

Semimedymnu(m) 24. Chenicas or 54. pound.

[...]you [...]de of a [...]dymnus [...]. Modi| [...] [...] you [...]ſt ac| [...]ept it as [...]ewe [...]cilian [...]aſure, ye [...]erwiſe Rome or [...]hens [...]teined [...]nd the [...] Sici| [...] mea| [...] 4. and [...]alfe. Medymnus 28. Chenicas or 108. pound and these of the Greekes.

Now ſhall thoſe of the Romaines followe in ſuch order as in ſueth.

Cloclearium a ſpoonefull 3. Drachmes and one Scriptula.

Cyathus 4. ſpoonefuls one ounce & an halfe, one Drachme one Scriptula.

Acetabulum a Cyathus & an halfe 2. oun|ces and foure Drachmes.

Hemina or Cotula foure Acetabula or tenne ounces.

Sextarius two Heminas or 20. ounces.

Semodius eyght Sextarios 13. pounde foure ounces.

Modius 16. Sextarios [...]6. pounde 8. ounces.

Theſe aforeſayde meaſures compared al|ſo with our Engliſh haue ſuch proportion.

Cyathus as aforeſayde, one ounce & eight graines, Engliſhe.

Cotyle, 6. ounces 48. graines Engliſh.

Chenix one pounde 6. ounces, one Drach|me 64. graines Engliſh.

Medymnus 72. pounde, 10. ounces, 32. grains Engliſh.

3.25.1. Their Rurall meaſures conferred with ours.

Their Rurall meaſures conferred with ours.

Chenix a quarte.

Semiduodecima a Pottle & 4. Drachm.

Semiſextarius, a gallon and an ounce.

Sextarius, two gallons and two ounces.

Tertiari, foure gallons & foure ounces.

Semimedimnus 6. gallons & halfe a pint.

Medymnus exactly 13. gallons.

Whereby we ſée that their lyquide mea|ſure is ſomewhat greater then the drye by two ounces and thrée Drachmes. Nowe it reſteth yt I do the like wt the weightes of the Romaine dry meaſures, after which I will gyue out the weightes of Venice as Au|guſtinus Pantheus in his de rebus Voarcha|dumicis and other doe ſet them downe.

Cyathus one ounce and an halfe.

Semodius, 12. pounde Troy, that is, a gallon and an halfe.

Modius 24. pound, that is, thrée gallons,

And more I remember not at this pre|ſent of their drye meaſure,

I might here adde other meaſures of the Hebrues alſo. But I find ſuch variety in thẽ as maketh me rather to omit then publiſhe them in this treatize. And fyrſt of all theyr Chor, which ſignifieth an heape of graine,Chor. & is not onely the iuſt loade of a Camell, but alſo containeth 30. Modios as Epiphanius doth ſet downe, notwithſtanding that Bude hath 41. Medimmos. Lethec. The Lethec alſo (wherof Oſee ſpeaketh, ſaying, Morcede conduxi mihi Lethec hordei. &c.) is al one with the Gomor or halfe Cor, and called Lethec of lifting vp,Gomor. becauſe a yong man might eaſely lift it vp to laye it vpon his aſſe. Their Batos of Oyle,Batos. with Epiphanius hath, 50. Sextarios, with Budee 27. The Modius of ye Iues, 22. Sextarios in the firſt, but in the treatize of this later, only 16. In lyke ſorte there is difference in the Cab. as fourth part of the Modius. Modius. Cab. Mnaſis. Alſo in ye Manſis, or Medimnus, which after Epipha|nis hath 10. Modios, ye Salanien or Conſtan|tinuan 5. Modios and that of Paphos and Si|cilia, onely 4¼ all which diſcordances I am not able to reconcile, eſpecially being things of ſuch antiquitie, and therfore I giue vppe to ſpeake any longer of them. Furthermore in turning ouer ſuch old bookes as came vn|to EEBO page image 133 my handes I finde alſo this note inſuyng 6. which

Charette hath 4. graines.

Peny 8 Carettes.

Euery graine of Batement a Peny in Gold, but after Fraunce, Venice, and ſome other places, they haue but ſixe Carettes in the peny, and 4. graines in the Carette, which oddes groweth by the difference of weightes, for beyonde the ſea they haue 24. pence in the ounce, which is 4. pence more in value, then the ounce Engliſh, after the olde occount of pence. By theſe Carettes pearles and ſtones are valued and ſolde, but not gold, which hath neuertheleſſe the name of Carettes in his Pois, but after an other proportion.

Of Weightes of Venice, alſo Auguſtinus Pantheus, ſaith thus.

  • Eximo is the 156. parte of a graine.
  • A graine conteineth 156. Eximos.
  • Charattus or Siliqua 4 graines.
  • Quartus 36. Carattes, or the olde guilden,
  • Ounce 4. quartes. 144. Carattes.
  • Marca or Bes 8. ounces or 1152. Carattes.
  • Marchus 16. ounces, or 2304. Carattes.
  • Rubus 20. Marcas.
  • Poſta 40. Marchas, whereof let this ſuffice, & for the ſettyng forth of the iuſt proportion of weights and meaſures, I hope that which is already ſpoken ſhall be ynough.


¶I haue thought good to deliuer the names of the Archbyſhops and Byſhops of London, as they ſucceded ſince the Brytons were firſt con|uerted into the faith.


    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Theon.
  • Eluanus.
  • Cadocus.
  • Ouinus.
  • Conanus.
  • Palladius.
  • Stephanus.
  • Iltutus.
  • Theodwinus.
  • Theodredus.
  • Hillarius.
  • Guittelinus.
  • Vodinus, ſlaine by the Saxons.
  • *Theonus.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Sie voide many yeares.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Auguſtus Monachus.

¶ The Archebiſhop remouing his Sie to Cantorbury theſe Byſhops ſucceeded.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Mellitus.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Sie voyde a ſeaſon.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Wina.
  • Erkenwaldus.
  • Waldherus.
  • Iugaldus.
  • Egulphus.
  • Wigotus.
  • Eadbricus.
  • Edgarus.
  • Kiniwalchus.
  • Eadbaldus.
  • Eadbertus.
  • Oſwinus.
  • Ethelmothus.
  • Ceadbertus.
  • Cernulphus.
  • Suithulphus.
  • Eadſtanus.
  • Wulfinus.
  • Ethelwaldus.
  • Elſtanus.
  • Brithelmus.
  • Dunſtanus.
  • Theodoricus.
  • Alwijnus.
  • Elſwoldus.
  • Robertus.
  • Wilhelmus.
  • Hugo.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 The Sie voide 11. yeares.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Mauricius.
  • Richardus Beaumiſh.
  • Gilbertus.
  • Robertus.
  • Richardus.
  • Gilbertus.
  • Richardus.
  • Wilhelmus.
  • Euſtathius.
  • Rogerus.
  • Fulco.
  • Henricus.
  • Richardus.
  • Radulphus.
  • Gilbertus.
  • Richardus Biutworth.
  • Stephanus.
  • Richardus.
  • Radulphus Baldoc.
  • Michaell.
  • Simon.
  • Robertus.
  • Thomas.
  • Richardus.
  • Thomas Sauagius.
  • Wilhelmus.
  • Wilhelmus warham.
  • Wilhelmus Barnes.
  • Richardus fitz Iames.
  • Cuthbertus Tunſtall.
  • Iohanes Stokeſley.
  • Edmundus Boner.
  • Nicholas Ridley.
  • Edmonde Boner a|gaine.
  • Edmond Grindall.
  • Eadwijn Serides.
  • Elmer.

3.25.3. ¶Here followeth the principall Fair [...] kept in Englande.

¶Here followeth the principall Fair [...] kept in Englande.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Faires in Ianuary. THe ſixt day being Twelfe day, at S [...]|bury. The 25. being S. Paules day, [...] Briſtowe, at Graueſende, at Churching [...] at Northalertõ in Yorkeſhire, where is kept a faire euery wedneſday from Chriſt made vntill Iune.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 124 Fayres in February. THe firſt day at Bromley. The ſecond at Linne, at Bath, at Maidſtone, at Bic|kelſworth, at Budworth. The 14. at Feuer|ſham. On Aſhwedneſday at Lichfielde, at Tamworth, at Royſton, at Exceſtet at, A|bington, at Ciceter. The 24. at Henley vpon Thames, at Tewkeſbury.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fayres in March. ON ſ. Georges daye, at Stamforde, and at Sudbury. The 13. day at Wie, at the Mount, and at Bodmin in Cornewall. The 5. Sunday in Lent, at Grantham at Saliſ|bury. On Monday before our Lady daye in Lent, at Wiſbich, at Kendale, Denbigh in Wales. On Palmeſundaye euen, [...] Pum|phret. On Palmſunday, at Worceſter. The 20. day at Durham. On our Ladye daye in Lent at Northamton, at Maiden, at great Chart, at Newcaſtell. And all the Ladyẽ daies at Huntington.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fayres in Aprill. THe 5. day at Walingforde. The 7. at Darbye. The 9. at Bickleſwoorthe, at Bilingworth. On monday after, at Eueſhã in Worceſter ſhire. On Tweſday in Eaſter wéeke, at Northflete, at Rochford, at Hitchin. The thirde Sunday after Eaſter, at Louth. The 22. at Stabford, on S. Georges day, at Charing, at Ipſwich, at Tãworth, at Amt|hill, at Hinningham, at Gilforde, at S. Pombes in Cornewall. On ſaint Markes day at Darby, at Dunniow in Eſſex. The 26. at Tenderden in Kent.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fayres in May. ON May daye at Rippon, at Perin in Corn [...]wall, at Oſeſtrie in Wales, at Lexfield in S [...]olke, at S [...]old ye old, at [...]|ding, at Leiceſter, at Che [...]ford, at M [...]e at Brickehill, at Blackeb [...]ne, [...] The 3. at Bramyarde, at [...], at El [...]ow. The 7. at Beuerley, at Newton, at Oxforde. On Aſcention day a [...] Newcaſ [...]l, at Yerne, at Brimechame, at S. Edes, at Byſhop Stratforde, at Wicham, at M [...]e|wiche, at Stopforde, at Chappell Frith. On Whitſun euen, at Skipton vppon [...]a [...]e [...] On Whitſunday, at R [...], and euery wedneſday fortnight at Kingſton vpõ Thames, at Rateſdale, at Kirby Stephin in Wẽſtmerlande. On munday in Whitſunne wéeke, at Darington, at Exceſter, at Brad|forde, at Rygate, at Burton, at Salforth, at Whitechurch, at Cokermouth, at Appelby, at Bickleſworth, on Tewſday on Whitſun-wéeke, at Lewſe, at Rochford, at Cantorbu|ry, at Ormeſkirke, at Herith. On wedneſ|day in Whitſun wéeke, at Sandbarre. On Trinitie ſunday, at Kendall, and at Rowell, On thurſday after Trinitie ſunday, at Preſ|cote, at Stapforde, at S. Annes, at Newdu|ry, at Couentry, at S. Edes, at Biſhoppe Stotforde, at Roſſe. The 9. at Locheſter, at Dunſtable. The 27. day at Lenham. The 29. at Crambrooke.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fayres in Iune. THe 9. day at Maydeſtone. The 11. at O|kingham, at Newborowgh, at Maxfield at Holte. The 23. at Shreweſbury, at Saint Albons. The 24. day at Horſham, at Bedel, at Strackſtocke, at ſ. Annes, at Wakefield, at Colcheſter, at Reading, at Bedforde, at Barnewell, at Wollerhampton, at Cram|brooke, at Gloceſter, at Lincolne, at Peter|borough, at Windſore, at Harſtone, at Lan|caſter, at Weſtcheſter, at Hallifaxe, at Aſh|borne. The 27. at Falkeſtone. The 28. at Hetcorne, at S. Pombes. The 29. at Wind|hurſt, at Marleborough, at Holleſworth, at Wollerhampton, at Peterfielde, at Lemp|ſter, at Sudbury, at Gargra [...]ge, at Br [...]|ley.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fayres in Iuly. THe 2. at Congreton, at Aſhton vnder Li [...]. The [...] at Partney, & at [...]. The 15. at Pichbacke. The 17. at [...]. The 20. at Vxbridge, at Cateſby, at Bolton The 22. at Marleborough, at Wincheſter, at Colcheſter, at Tetbury, at Bridgenorth, at E [...]the [...]all, at Norwiche in Cheſhire, at Cheſwine, at Battelfielde, at Bikelwoorth. The 25. at Bru [...]we, at Donee, at Chilh [...] at Darby at Ipſwich, at Northamton, at Dudley in Standfordſhire, at S. Iames be [...] London, at Reading, at Louth, at Ma [...]tte [...] bury, at Bromeley, at Chicheſter, at Liuer|poole, at Altergam, at Rauenglaſſe in the North. The 27. at Canterbury, at Northam at Richmonde in the North, at Warington, at Chappell Frith.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 EEBO page image 134 Fayres in Auguſt. THe firſt day at Exceſter, at Feuerſham at Dunſtable, at S. Edes, at Bedford, at Northam Church, at Wiſbich, at Yorke, at Rumney, at Newton, at Yelande. The x. at Waltham, at Blackemore, at Hunger|forde at Bedforde, at Stroydes, at Farnam at Saint Laurence by Bodmin, at Walton, at Croily, at Seddell, at Newe Braineford. The 15. at Dunmow, at Carleile, at Preſtũ at Wakefielde ye two Lady daies. On Bar|tholomew day at London, at Beggers buſhe beſide Rye, at Tewkeſbury, at Sudbury, at Rye, at Nantwiche, at Pagets, at Bromly. at Norwiche, at Northalerton, at Douer, at the Sundaye after Bartholomewe daye at Sandbiche. The 27. at Aſhforde.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fayres in September. THe firſt daye at S. Giles at the Buſhe. On our Lady day, at Wakefielde, at Sturbridge, in Southwarke at London, at Snide, at Recoluer, at Giſbroughe both the Lady daies, at Partneye. The thrée Ladye daies, at Blackborne, at Giſborne in Yorke|ſhire, at Chalton, at Vtceſter. On Holy Roode day, at Richmonde in Yorkeſhire, at Ripond a horſe faire, at Penhad, at Berſe|ley, at Waltham Abbay, at Wotten vnder hedge, at Smalding, at Cheſterfield, at Dẽ|bigh in Wales. On Saint Mathies day at Marleborough, at Bedforde, at Croidon, at Holden in Holdernes, at ſaint Edmondſbu|ry, at Malton, at ſaint Iues, at Shreweſbu|ry, at Lanehã, at Witnall, at Sittingborne, at Brainetry, at Katherine hill beſide Gil|forde, at Douer, at Eaſtrie. The 29. day be|ing Michaelmas daye, at Cantorbury, at Lancaſter, at Blackeborne, at Weſtcheſter at Cokermouth, at aſhborne, at Hadley, at Malden at horſe faire, at Way hill, at New|bury, at Leiceſter.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fayres in October. THe fourth-day at Michell. The 6. day at Saint Faithes beſide Norwiche, at Maideſtone. The 8. at Herborough, at Har|uorde, at Byſhop Stotforde. On Saint Ed|wardes day at Roiſton, at Graueſende, at Windſore, at Marſhfield, at Colcheſter. On Saint Lukes daye at Ely, at Wricle, at Vpane, at Thirſt, at Bridgenorth, at Stan|ton, at Charing, at Burton vpon Trent, at Charleton, at Wigan, at Friſwides in Ox|forde, at Tiſdale, at Midlewiche, at Holt in Wales. The 21. day at Saffron Waldon, at Newemarket, at Hertforde, at Ciceſter, at Stokeſley. The 23. at Preſton, at Bikelſ|worth, at Ritchdale, at whitechurch. On all Sainctes euen at Wakefielde, at Rithen.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Fayres in Nouember. THe ſecond, at Blechingly, at Kingſtone at Marfielde. The 6. day, at Newport [...] ponde, at Stanley, at Tregney, at Salford, at Leſforde. The 10. at Leuton. The 11. at Marleborough, at Douer. The 13. at Saint Edmondes bury, at Gilforde. The 17. day at Low, at Hide. The 19. at Horſham. On S. Edmondes daye, at Hythe, at Ingerſt [...] The 23. day at Sandwiche. On Saint An|drewes day at Colingborough, at Rocheſ|ter, at Peterfield, at Maidenhead, at Bew [...]ley, at Warington in Lancaſhire, at Bed|forde in Yorkeſhire, at Oſeſtrie in Wales.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 ¶ Fayeres in December. ON Saint Nicholas euen at Pluckeley. On Saint Nicholas day, at Spalding, at Exceſter, and Sinocke, at Arnedale, and at Northwiche in Cheſhire. The 7. day at Sandhurſt. The eyght day being the Con|ception of our Lady, at Clitherall in Lanca|ſhire, at Malpas in Cheſhire. The 29. day at Canterbury, and at Saliſbury.

3.25.4. ¶ How a man may iourney from any notable towne in England, to the Citie of London, or from London to any notable towne in the Realme.

¶ How a man may iourney from any notable towne in England, to the Citie of London, or from London to any notable towne in the Realme.

¶ The way from Walſingham to London.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Walſingham to Picke|nam xij. mile
  • From Pickenam to Brandonfe|ry x. mile
  • From Brandonfery to Newmarket x. mile
  • From Newmarket to Babram x. mile
  • From Brabram to Barkeway xx. mile
  • From Barkeway to Puchrich vij. mile
  • From Puchrich to Ware v. mile
  • From Ware to Waltham viij. mile
  • From Waltham to London xij. mile

¶The way from Barwike to Yorke, and ſo to London.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Barwike to Belforde xij. mile
  • From Belforde to Anwike xij. mile
  • EEBO page image 125From Anwike to Morpit xij. mile
  • From Morpit to Newcaſtell xij. mile
  • From Newcaſtell to Durham xij. mile
  • From Durham to Darington xiij. mile
  • From Darington to Northalertõ xiiij. mile
  • From Northalerton to Toplife vij. mile
  • From Toplife to Yorke xvj. mile
  • From Yorke to Ladcaſter viij. mile
  • From Ladcaſter to Wantbridge xij. mile
  • From Wentbridge to Dancaſter viij. mile
  • From Dancaſter to Tutforde xviij. mile
  • From Tudforde to Newarke x. mile
  • From Newarke to Grantham x. mile
  • From Grantham to Stanforde xvj. mile
  • From Stanforde to Stilton xij. mile
  • From Stilton to Huntington ix. mile
  • From Huntington to Roiſton xv. mile
  • From Roiſton to Ware xij. mile
  • From Ware to Waltham viij. mile
  • From Waltham to London xij. mile

¶The way from Carnaruan to Cheſter and ſo to London.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Carnaruan to Conway xxiiij. mile
  • From Conway to Denbigh xij. mile
  • From Denbigh to Flint xij. mile
  • From Flint to Cheſter x. mile
  • From Cheſter to Wiche xiiij. mile
  • From Wiche to Stone xv. mile
  • From Stone to Lichfield xvj. mile
  • From Lichfielde to Colſill xij. mile
  • From Colſill to Couentry viij. mile

Compare 1587 edition: 1 And ſo from Couentry to London, as here|after followeth.

¶ The waye from Cokermouth to Lancaſter, and ſo to London.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Cokermouth to Kiſwike vj. mile
  • From Kiſwike to Grocener viij. mile
  • From Grocener to Kendale xiiij. mile
  • From Kendale to Burton vij. mile
  • From Burton to Lancaſter viiij. mile
  • From Lancaſter to Preſton xx. mile
  • From Preſton to Wigam xiiij. mile
  • From Wigam to Warington xx. mile
  • From Warington to Newcaſtell xx. mile
  • From Newcaſtell to Lichfield xx. mile
  • From Lichfield to Couentrie xx. mile
  • From Couentry to Daintrie xiiii. mile
  • From Daintrie to Toceſter x. mile
  • From Toceſter to Stoniſtratford vi. mile
  • From Stoniſtratforde to Brichill vij. mile
  • From Brichill to Dunſtable vij. mile
  • From Dunſtable to Saint Albons x. mile
  • From Saint Albons to Barnet x. mile
  • From Barnet to London x. mile

¶The waye from Yarmouth to Col|cheſter, and ſo to London.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Yarmouth to Becclis viij. mile
  • From Becclis to Blybour vij. mile
  • From Bly [...] [...]o Snapdrydyes viij. mile
  • From Snapbridge to Woodbridgs vi [...]j. mile
  • From Woodbridge [...]o Ipſwich [...]. mile
  • From Ipſwich to Colche [...] xij. mile
  • From Colchester to Eaſtforde viij. mile
  • From Eaſtforde to Chelm [...]forde x. mile
  • From Chelmeſford to Brentwood x. mile
  • From Brentwood to London xv. mile

The way from Douer to London.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Douer to Cantorbury xij. mile
  • From Cãtorbury to Sittingborne xij. m.
  • From Sittingborne to Rocheſter viij. mile
  • From Rocheſter to Graueſende v. mile
  • From Graueſende to Datforde vj. mile
  • From Datforde to London xij. mile

The way from Saint Burien in Corne|wall to London.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Saint Burien to the Mount x [...]. mile
  • From the Mount to Thury xij. mile
  • From Saint Thury to Bod [...]an xx. mile
  • From Bod [...]n to Launſtone xx. mile
  • From Launſtone to Ocomton xv. mile
  • From Ocomton to Crokehorndwell x. mile
  • From Crokehornewell to Exceſter x. mile
  • From Exceſter to Honiton xij. mile
  • From Honiton to Chard x. mile
  • From Chard to Crokehorne vij. mile
  • From Crokehorne to Shirborne x. mile
  • From Shirborne to Shaftſbury x. mile
  • From Shaftſbury to Saliſbury xviij. mile
  • From Saliſbury to Andeuor xv. mile
  • From Andeuor to Baſingſtocke xvijj. mile
  • From Baſingſtocke to Hartford viij. mile
  • From Hartford to Bagſhot viij. mile
  • From Bagſhot to Stanes viij. mile
  • From Stanes to London xv. mile

The way from Briſtowe to London.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Briſtow to Maxfield x. mile
  • From Maxfield to Chipnam x. mile
  • From Chipnam to Marleborough xv. mile
  • Frõ Marleborough to Hungerford viij. mile
  • From Hungerford to Newbury vij. mile
  • From Newbury to Reading xv. mile
  • From Reading to Maidenhead x. mile
  • EEBO page image 135From Maidenhead to Colbroke vij. mile
  • From Colbroke to London xv. mile

The way from Saint Dauids to London.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Saint Dauids to Axford xx. mile
  • From Axforde to Carmarden x. mile
  • From Carmarden to Newton x. mile
  • From Newton to Lanbury x. mile
  • From Lanbury to Brecknocke xvj. mile
  • From Brecknocke to Hay x. mile
  • From Hay to Harford xiiij. mile
  • From Harford to Roſo ix. mile
  • From Roſo to Gloceſter xij. mile
  • From Gloceſter to Ciceſter xv. mile
  • From Ciceſter to Farington xvj. mile
  • From Farington to Habington vij. mile
  • From Habington to Dorcheſter vij. mile
  • From Dorcheſter to Henlay xij. mile
  • From Henlay to Maydenhead vij. mile
  • From Maydenhead to Colbroke vij. mile
  • From Colbroke to London xv. mile

¶Of thorowfarres. From Douer to Cambridge.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Douer to Cantorbury. 12 myle.
  • From Cantorbury to Rofcheſter. 20 mi.
  • From Rofcheſter to Greueſende. 5. mile.
  • Frõ Graueſende ouer Thames, to Horne|don. 4. miles.
  • From Hornedon to Chelmeſford. 12. mile.
  • From Chelmeſforde to Dunmow. 10. mile.
  • From Dunmowe, to Thaxſted. 5. miles.
  • From Thaxſted to Radwinter. 3. miles.
  • From Radwinter to Linton. 5. miles.
  • From Linton to Babrenham. 3. miles.
  • From Babrenham to Cambridge. 4. mile.

From Cantorbury to Oxforde.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Cantorbury to London. 43. mile.
  • From London to Vxbridge or Col|broke. 15. mile.
  • From Vrbridge to Baccanſfelde. 7. mile.
  • From Baccanſfeld to eaſt Wickhã. 5. mil.
  • From Wickham to Stocking church. 5. m.
  • From Stocking church to Thetiſford. 5. m.
  • From Thetiſford to Whatley. 6. mile.
  • From Whatley to Oxforde. 4. mile.

From London to Cambridge.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom London to Edmendton. 6. mile.
  • From Edmondton to Waltham. 6. mi.
  • From Waltham to Hoddeſdon. 5. mile
  • From Hoddeſdon to Ware. 3. mile.
  • From Ware to Pulcherchurch. 5. mile.
  • From Pulchurchurch to Barkewaie. 7. mile.
  • From Barkeway to Fulmere. 6. mile.
  • From Fulmere to Cambridge. 6. mile.

Or thus better waye.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • From London to Hoddeſdon. 17. mile.
  • From Hoddeſdon to Hadham. 7. mile.
  • From Hadham to Saffron Walden. 12. mi.
  • Frõ Saffron walden to Cambridge. 10. mi.

¶ Of certeine waies in Scotland, out of Regnald Wolfes his Anno|tations. From Barwijc to Edenborowe.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Barwijc to Chirneſide. 10. mile
  • From Chirneſide to Coldingham. 3. mi.
  • From Coldingham Pinketon. 6. mile.
  • From Pinketon to Dunbarre. 6. mile.
  • From Dunbarre to Linton. 6. mile
  • From Linton to Haddington. 6. mile.
  • From Haddington to Seaton. 4. mile.
  • From Seaton to Aberlady or Muſkel [...] row. 8. mile
  • From thence to Edenborow 8. mile

From Edenborow to Barwijc ano|ther waye.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Edenborow to Dalketh. 5. mile.
  • From Dalketh to Newe Battell and Lander. 5. mile.
  • From Lander to Vrſyldon. 6. mile.
  • From Vrſyldon to Dryburg. 5. mile.
  • From Dryburg to Caryton. 6. mile.
  • From Caryton to Barwijc. 14. mile.

From Edenborow to Dunbrittaine weſtwarde.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Edenborow to Kirkelifton. 6. mile.
  • From Kirkelifton to Lithco. 6. mile.
  • Frõ Lithco to Farekirke ouer Forth. 6. m.
  • From thence to Striuelin vpõ Forth. 6. mi.
  • From Striuelin to Dunbrittaine. 24. mi.

From Striuelin to Kinghorne Eaſtwarde.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRõ Striuelin to Downe in menketh. 3. m.
  • From Downe to Campſkenell. 3. mile.
  • Frõ Campſkenel to Alwey vpõ forth. 4. m.
  • From Alwey to Culroſe on Fiffe. 10. mile.
  • EEBO page image 124From Culroſe to Dunfermelin. 2. mile.
  • From Dunfermelin to Euerkennin. 2. mi.
  • Frõ Euerkennin to Aberdore on forth. 3. mi.
  • Frõ Aberdore to Kinghorne vpon forth. 3. m

From Kinghorne to Taymouth.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Kincorne to Diſſard in Fiffe. 3. m.
  • From Diſſarde to Cowper. 8. mile.
  • From Cowper to S. Andrewes. 14. mile.
  • From S. Andrewes to the Taymouth. 6. mi.

From Taymouth to Stockeforde.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Taymouth to Balmerinoth Ab|bay. 4. mile.
  • From thence to Londores Abbay. 4. mile.
  • From Londores to ſ. Iohns Towne. 12. mi.
  • From ſ. Iohns to Schone 5. mile.
  • From thence to Abernithy, where ye Erne runneth into the Tay. 15. mile.
  • From Abernithy to Dundée. 15. mile.
  • From Dundée to Arbroth & Muros. 24. mil.
  • From Muros to Aberden 20. mile.
  • Frõ Aberden to the water of Doney. 20. m.
  • From thence to the ryuer of Spay. 30. mi.
  • From thence to Stockeford in Roſſe, and ſo to the Neſſe of Haben, a famous point on the weſt ſide. 30. mile.

From Carleil to Whiteherne weſtwarde.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • FRom Carleil ouer the Ferry againſt Redkyrke. 4 mile.
  • From thence to Dunfrées. 20. mile.
  • From Dunfrées to the ferry of Cre. 40. m.
  • From thence to Wygton. 3. mile.
  • From thence to Whitherne. 12. mile.

Compare 1587 edition: 1 Hitherto of the commõ wayes of England and Scotland, where vnto I will adioyne ye old thorowfares aſcribed to Antoninus, to the end yt by their conferẽce the diligent rea|der may haue farder conſideratiõ of ye ſame then my leyſure wyll permitte me: In ſet|ting foorth alſo thereof, I haue noted ſuch di|uerſitie of reading, as hath happened in the ſight of ſuch written and printed copies, as I haue ſéene in time.

3.25.5. Iter Britanniarum.A GESSORIACO. de Gallis Ritupis in portu Britanniarum ſtadia numero. CCCCL.

Iter Britanniarum.
A GESSORIACO. de Gallis Ritupis in portu Britanniarum ſtadia numero. CCCCL.

A LIMITE, ID EST A VALLO Praetorio vſque M. P. CLVI. ſic:

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • [...]nnia.A Bramenio Corſtopitum. M. P. XX.
  • Vindomora M. P. VIIII.
  • Viconia * M.P.XVIIII. Vinouia Vinouium.
  • Cataractoni M. P. XXII.
  • Iſurium M. P. XXIIII.
  • Eburacum legio. VI. Victrix M.P. XVII.
  • Deruentione M.P. VII. Tadcaſter.
  • Delgouitia M. P. XIII. Wenthridge
  • Praetorio M. P. XXV. Tudforde.

ITEM A VALLO AD portum Ritupis M. P. CCCC. LXXXI. 491. ſic.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Ablato Bulgio * caſtra exploratocum M. P. x. 15. âlias à Blato.
  • Lugu-vallo * M.P. XII. âlias à Lugu-valio. Cairleft.
  • Voreda M. P. XIIII.
  • Brouonacis * M. P. XIII. Br [...]uoniacis.
  • Verteris M. P. XX. 13.
  • Lauatris M. P. XIIII.
  • Cataractone * M. P. XVI. Catarractonium.
  • Iſuriam * M. P. XXIIII. Iſoriam.
  • Eburacum * M. P. XVIII. Eboracum.
  • Calcaria * M.P. VIIII. Cacaria.
  • Camboduno M. P. XX.
  • Mammuncio * M. P. XVIII. Manucio.
  • Condate M. P. XVIII.
  • Deua legio. XXIII. CI. M. P. XX.
  • Bouio * M. P. X. Bonio.
  • Mediolano M. P. XX.
  • Rutunio M. P. XII.
  • Vrio Conio * M. P. XI. Viroconiu [...].
  • Vxacona M. P. XI.
  • Penno-Crucio M. P. XII.
  • Etoceto M. P. XII.
  • Mandues Sedo M. P. XVI.
  • Venonis M. P. XII.
  • Bennauenta * M. P. XVII. Banna venta.
  • Lactorodo * M. P. XII. Lactodoro.
  • Maginto * M. P. XVII. 12. Magiouintum.
  • Duro-Cobriuis M. P. XII. Dunſtable.
  • Vero-Lamio M. P. XII. S. Albanes.
  • Sullomacis * M. P. IX. Barnet.
  • Longidinio M. P. XII. Londinio. London.
  • Nouiomago M. P. X.
  • Vagniacis m. p. xviij.
  • Durobrouis m. p. ix. Duroprouis.
  • Duroleuo M. p.xvj. 13.
  • Duror-Verno * m. p. xij. Drouerno Durouerno.
  • Ad portum Ritupis m.p. xij. Duraruenno Daruerno.

ITEM A LONDINIO ad portum Dubris M.P.I. VI. 66. ſic:

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Dubobrus * m. p. xxvij. Durobrouis Durobrius.
  • Duraruenno m. p. xv. 25.
  • Ad portum Dubris m.p. xiiij. Douer hauen.

ITEM A LONDINIO AD portum Lemanis M.P. LXVIII. ſic:

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Durobrius m. p. xxvij.
  • Duraruenno m. p. xv. 25.
  • Ad portum Lemanis m. p. xvj.

ITEM A LONDINIO Lugu-Valio ad Vallũ M.P. CCCCXLIII. ſic:

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Caeſaromago m. p. xxviij.
  • Colonia m. p. xxiiij.
  • Villa Fauſtini m. p. xxxv. 25.
  • Icianos m. p. xviij.
  • Camborico m. p. xxxv.
  • Duroliponte m. p. xxv.
  • Durobriuas m. p. xxxv.
  • Gauſennis m. p. xxx.
  • Lindo m. p. xxvi.
  • Segeloci. m. p. xiiij.
  • EEBO page image 136Dano m. p. xxj.
  • Lege-Olio * m. p. xvj. Logetium.
  • Eburaco m. p. xxj.
  • Iſubrigantum * m. p. xxj. Iſurium Brigantum.
  • Cataractoni m. p. xxiiij.
  • Leuatris * m. p. xviij. Leuatrix.
  • Verteris m. p. xiiij.
  • Brocouo * m. p. xx. Broc [...]um.
  • Lugu-Vallo m. p. xxv. 22.


    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Verolami m. p. xxj.
  • Duro Cobrius m. p. xij.
  • Magiouinio * m. p. xij. Maginto.
  • Lactodoro m. p. xvj. Magis.
  • Iſanna Vantia * m. p. xij. Iſannae vatia.
  • Tripontio m. p. xij. Iſanna variae.
  • Venonis m. p. ix.
  • Ratas m. p. xij.
  • Verometo m. p. xiij.
  • Margi-duno m. p. xij.
  • Ad Pontem * m. p. vij. Pons Aelij.
  • Croco Calana * m. p. vij. [...]rorolanae.
  • Lindo m. p. xij.

ITEM A REGNO Londinio M. P. CXVI. 96. ſic:

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Clauſentum m. p. xx.
  • Venta Belgarum m. p. x.
  • Galleua * Atrebatum m. p. xxij. Gelleua.
  • Pontibus m. p. xxij. Calleua.
  • Londinio m. p. xxij.

ITEM AB EBVRACO. Londinium m. p. ccxxvij. ſic:

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Lagecio m. p. xxj.
  • Dano m. p. xvj.
  • Ageloco * m. p. xxj. Segoloco.
  • Lindo m. p. xiiij.
  • Crococalano m. p. xiiij.
  • Margi-duno m. p. xiiij.
  • Vernemeto * m. p. xij. Verometo.
  • Ratis m. p. xij.
  • Vennonis m. p. xij.
  • Bannauanto m. p. xix.
  • Magio Vinio m. p. xxviij.
  • Durocobrius m. p. xij.
  • Verolamo m. p. xii.
  • Londinio m. p. xxj.

ITEM A VENTA ICINORVM. Londinio. m. p. cxxviij. ſic:

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Sitomago m. p. xxxj.
  • Combretouio * m. p. xxij. Cumbr [...]tonio
  • Ad Anſam m. p. xv.
  • Camoloduno m. p. vj.
  • Canonio m. p. ix.
  • Caeſaromago m. p. xij.
  • Durolito m. p. xvj.
  • Londinio m. p. xv.

ITEM A GLAMOVENTA Mediaolano m. p. cl. ſic:

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Galaua m. p. xviij
  • Alone * m. p. xij. Alauna * Aliona Alione.
  • Galacum * m. p. xix. Galacum Brig [...]at [...].
  • Bremetonaci m. p. xxvij.
  • Cocci om. p. xx.
  • Manc [...]nio * m. p. xviij. Ma [...]cio vel [...].
  • Condate m. p. xviij.
  • Mediolano m. p. xix.

ITEM A SEGONTIO. Deuam mp. lxxiiij. ſic:

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Canouio m. p. xxiiij.
  • Vatis m. p. xix.
  • Deua m. p. xxxij.

ITEM A CALEVA alias MVRIDONO. alias Viroconiorum. Per viroconium.

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Vindonu * m. p. xv. Vindo [...].
  • Venta Belgarum m. p. xxj.
  • Brige * m. p. xj. Brage.
  • Soruioduni. m. p. ix.
  • Vindogladia m. p. xiij. 15.
  • Durnouaria m. p. viij.
  • Muriduno m. p. xxxvj.
  • Scadum Nunniorum * m. p. xv. 12. Iſca [...].
  • Leuearo m. p. xv.
  • Bomio m. p. xv.
  • Ni [...]o m. p. xv.
  • Iſcelegua Auguſti. * m. p. xiiii. Iſcelegia.
  • Borrio m. p. ix.
  • Gobannio m. p. xii.
  • Magnis m. p. xxii.
  • Brauinio * m. p. xxiiii. Bro [...]nio.
  • Viriconio m. p. xxvii.

ITEM AB ISCA Calleua m. p. cix. ſic:

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Burrio m. p. ix.
  • Bleſtio m. p. xi.
  • Ariconio m. p. xi.
  • Cleuo m. p. xv.
  • Durocornouio m. p. xiiii.
  • Spinis m. p. xv.
  • Calleua m. p. xv.

ITEM ALIO ITINERE ab Iſca Calleua m. p. CIII. ſic:

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Venta Silurum m. p. ix.
  • Abone m. p. ix.
  • Traiectus m. p. ix.
  • Aquis Solis m. p. vi.
  • Verlucione m. p. xv.
  • Cunetione m. p. xx.
  • Spinis m. p. xv.
  • Calleua m. p. xv.

ITEM A CALLEVA Iſcadum Nunniorum m. p. CXXXVI. ſic:

    Compare 1587 edition: 1
  • Vindomi m. p. xv.
  • Venta Belgarum m. p. xx [...].
  • Brige m. p. xi.
  • Sorbiodoni m. p. viii.
  • Vindocladia m. p. xii.
  • Durnonouaria * m. p. viiii. Durnouaria.
  • Moriduno m. p. xxxvi.
  • Iſcadum Nunniorum m. p. xv.

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