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3.24. Of liquide meaſures. Cap. 24.

Of liquide meaſures. Cap. 24.

HItherto haue I ſpoken of waights, [...] it reſteth that I doe the lyke of ſuche [...] quide meaſures as are preſently vſed in En|gland, and haue bene of olde time amongſt the Grecians and Romaines. Wherin I [...] deale ſo faithfully as I may, to the ende thys trauaile of mine may be ſome helpe to ſuche as ſhal come after in conferring forren with our home made weights and meaſures, and for the better vnderſtanding of the hiſtories, wherein ſuch thyngs are ſpoken of. The [...] therfore of our Engliſh meaſures, is

A ſpooneful, which hath one of our drachmes and 6. graines.

An aſſay, taſte or ſippet 4. ſpoonefuls: or 4. drachmes and 24. graines.

A fardendele is a quarter of a poũd, pinte, [...] 3. ounces of Troy.

An Muytch 6. ounces or halfe a pinte.

A pinte 12. ounces, or a pounde, or 4. farden|deles.

A quart 24. ounces, two pintes, or 2. [...] Troy.

A pottle, 48. ounces or 4. pounde, or ſo many pintes.

A gallon 96. ounces, or 8. pound, or 8. pintes

A firkin 8. gallons or 64. pound, and thys i [...] Ale, Sope, and Herring.

The kilderkin 16. gallons.

The barrell 32. gallons. And theſe are [...] meare Engliſh liquide meaſures. The reſt [...] we haue are outlandiſh veſſels, and ſuch as are brought ouer vnto vs wyth wares from other countreys. And yet are we not altogi|ther guided by thys rate (the more pitye) but in ſome things ſeuerall meaſures are vſed and receyued, as for example.

The fyrkin of beare hath 9. gallons.

The kilderkin 18. gallons.

The barrel 36. As for the hogſhead of [...] it is lately come vp, and becauſe I ſée [...] made of thys aſſize, but onely the emptye caſkes of wine reſerued to thys vſe, I paſſe ouer to ſay any thing thereof. If it were ac|cording to the ſtandarde for béere, it ſhoulde EEBO page image 122 containe 72. gallons, which now hath but [...]4

¶ But of Eles and Sa [...]n [...].

The firkin 10. gallons and [...] halfe.

The halfe barrell. 21. gallons.

The barrell 42. gallons.

The butte 84. gallons. Yet ſome eſt a [...] limite our Ele meaſure in an equal it is vnto that of Herrings, of whych 1 [...]0. go to the hũ|dred and 10000. to the laſt, as they are com|monly ſolde.

Of wine and ſuch veſſels thereof as come from beyond the ſeas we haue the ru [...]et of 18. gallons and a pottle.

The barrell (whych is rare) of 3. gallons.

The hogſhed of 63. gallons.

The tiers of 84. gallons.

The pipe or butte of 126. gallons.

The tunne of 252.

There are alſo thirdes of pipes or hoggeſheads, and of barrelles, which are likewiſe called tertians, but of theſe I ſayd nothing, becauſe theyr deuiſion is eaſie. [...]uche alſo hath bene the [...]re of our [...] here|tofore, that theſe very veſſels [...] had theyr limitation of wright, in ſo much that

The firkin ſhould wey 6. pound 6. ounces.

The halfe barrell or kilderkin 13. [...].

The barrell 26. li. whereof let th [...] [...]ſuffice.

And theſe are the quantities and names of moſt of our liquide meaſures, where vnto we wil adde firſt thoſe of the old Greekes, wher|by they meaſured theyr wines, oyle and ho|ney, and wherof the formoſt is.

The ſponeful, which weygheth one drachme halfe a Scriptula, 2. graines & 2. fifth partes of a graine.

Cheme hath 2. ſpoonefuls or 2. drachmes, one ſcriptulum 4. graines and ⅘ of a graine in waight.

Myſtrum 2. ſpoonefulles and an halfe, or 3. drachmes in weight of theyrs.

Concha: 2. Myſtra, or 5. ſpoonefulles, or ſixe drachmes:

Cyathus 2. Conchas, or one oũce & a drachme

Oxybaphon 3. Conchas or 15. ſponefulles, in weight 2. ounces 3. drachmes.

Quartarius 2. Oxybapha, or 4. ounces and 4. drachmes.

Cotyla alias Hermina or Tryblion, 2. quarta|ries, in weight 9. ounces of their owne.

Sextarius 2. Cotylas or 120. ſponefulles: in weight 18. of theyr ounces.

Chus, Choa, or Choeus, 6. ſextarios 108. oun|ces or 9. pound.

Metretes, Cadus, Ceraunius. or Chous 1296. ounces, and theſe were certẽ: howbeit they had other meaſures that bare the name of ſome of theſe, as

Concha the grantes, of 2. ounces 2. drachmes equall wyth the Oxybapha.

Myſtrum the greater of 3. drachmes [...] drachme.

Myſtrum the luſſe of two [...]|tulum and 4/ [...] partes of a graine.

Cheme the greater of 3. drachmes.

The leſſe of 2. drachmes.

Cocicarium the greateſt as afore.

The leſſer the tenth part of a Erathus.

The leſſe hath the 24. or 30. part of a Cya|thus, for this was alſo diuers, as I do finde in Budeus, Agricola and the Grecian wry|ters, (eſpecially for theyr townes) becauſe I read of an other ſtandeth to the rurall poyſe whereof I will not let alſo to make mention, becauſe I would omitte nothing that may be beneficiall to the reader ſo neare as I can pou [...]ly. Of rurall [...] therefore in the aforeſayde, meaſures. I finde that the

Myſtrum wey [...]eth 4. drachmes and a halfe.

Cyathus 4. Myſtra or 2. ounces [...]2. drachmes.

Oxybapha 6. Myſtra or 3. ounces and thrée drachmes.

Cotyle. 4. Oxybapha one [...] an halfe.

Clids hath 12. Cotylas or thirtéene pound.

Amphora 4. Cotylas, or 54. pound.

Metretes 2. Amphoras 108. pound, as likewiſe the Medymnus.

Now let vs ſée the liquide meaſure of the Romaines, whych is all one wyth theyr dry, therfore theyr Ligula Coclearu or ſpone full hathe 240. graines or 3. drachmes in weight, whereby it farre ſormounteth the Grecian ſpoonefull.

Cyathus 4. ſponefuls, or 960 graines.

Acetabulum a Cyathus and an halfe, or ſixe ſponefuls, or 2. ounces and an halfe.

Quartarius 2. Acetabula or 5. ounces.

Hemina 2. Quartario or 10. ounces.

Sextarius 2. Heminas or 20. ounces.

Congius 6. Sextarios or 10. pound.

Vrna 4. Congios or 40. pound.

Amphora 2. Vrnas or 80. pound.

Culeus 20. Amphoras or 1600. pound. After the Romaine ſtanderd, ſo well in the drye as in the liquide meaſures. And thus muche of theſe in generall.

¶ Now let vs compare them with ours & ſet what proportion or oddes is to be had be|twéene them.

Our ſponefull hath a Drachme and ſixe graines and two fift partes of a graine after our ſtandard of Drachmes, whereof one is alwayes the eyght part of an ounce.

Theyr Cheme is of ours Drachmes 12. EEBO page image 132 graines and [...] part of a graine.

Their Myſtrum one Drachme and one graine.

Concha fiue Drachmes or 32. graines or 3. ſhillinges and peny halfe peny after fiue ſhillinges to the ounce.

Cyathus one ounce and eyght graines.

Oxybaphon two ounces and 16. graines.

Quartarius foure ounces and 32. graines.

Cotyla eyght ounces 64. graines or thrée quarters of a Drachme and foure graines.

Sextarius ſixetéene ounces, one Drachme 48. graines.

Choa 97. ounces one Drachme or eyght pounde Troy, one ounce one Drachme and 48. graines.

Metretes 1166. ounces and thrée Drach|mes, or 97. pounde Troye two ounces and thrée Drachmes, which is all one with 12. gallons & a pint after our engliſh meaſure.

Their rurall meaſures alſo being compa|red with ours, yéelde thys proportion.

Myſtrum hath foure Drachmes 4. graines

Cyathus two ounces and ſixtéene graines.

Oxybapha 3. ounces 24. graines or a quar|ter of a pint and ſomewhat more.

Chus twelue pounde one ounce 6 Drach|mes and 32. graines: thrée pottels and odde meaſure.

Amphora 47. pounde ſeauen ounces and an halfe and 48. grains which wanteth not full fiue ounces of 6. gallons, after our Engliſh meaſures.

Metretes hath 97. pounde two ounces thrée Drachmes 16. graines or twelue gallons & a pinte. &c. that is, thrée gallons and a pint. &c. aboue our Kilderkin of béere.

¶ Hauing thus procéeded in extent & com|pariſon of the Grecian meaſures with ours, let vs do the like with thoſe of the Romaines and then our taſke is performed.

The Romaine ſpoonful is exactly 3. Drach|mes engliſh.

The Cyathus twelue Drachmes, that is, one ounce and an halfe.

Acetabulum two ounces & 2. Drachmes.

Quartarius foure ounces, and 4. Drach|mes Engliſh.

Hemina nine ounces or thrée quarters of a pinte.

Sextarius one pinte and an halfe.

Congius thrée quartes or 72. ounces.

Vrna thrée gallons or 24. pounde.

Amphora 6. gallons or 48. pounde.

Culeus 120. gallons, which is two hoggeſheades of our auncient meaſure, ſauing 8. gallons: or thrée barrelles and a kilderkin, ſauing that there are 6. gallons ouer mea|ſure, whereby our account excéedeth that of the Romaines.

And thus much briefly of liquid meaſ [...], wherein yf I haue béene more long & [...]|ous then thou peraduenture diddeſt [...] at the firſt, yet the benefite gotten ther [...] ſhall, I hope, counteruaile the trauail [...] [...] reading of the ſame. And as I haue diſpat|ched my handes in this ſorte of the [...], now it reſiſteth that I doe the lyke with the drie meaſures, & then ſhall that little On [...] ti [...]e haue an ende, Whereof I ſpake before & might otherwyſe haue periſhed her [...] (for me) yf it had not béene inſerted here vp+pon this neceſſarie occaſion.

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