How to Use

This site sets out a series of key texts used in the study of Old English at major UK Universities. They are presented as hypertext editions, i.e. links will bring up extra information for the students to read and they can go as deep as they like. In addition each text has a link to a discussion board where people can post up further comments, notes, links, etc.

The main part of the page is taken up with the text. This is presented with a running gloss into Modern English. Standard abbreviations are used where needed. The case and number of nouns are noted such as 'ns' = nominative suingular (except with the genitive where 'of the' is used); the gender, case, and number for adjectives are noted such as 'asm' = accusative singular masculine; and the tense, person, and number for verbs are noted such as 'pret 3s' = preterite third person singular.

Links within the text will also take you to explanatory notes in the right hand frame. At the top of each section there are also links to introductory essays, reading lists, other web sites, translations, and so on.

The texts themesleves are based on the Anglo-Saxon Poetic Records (eds. Krapp and Dobie, 1931-1953) for verse, and the Toronto Corpus of Old English for prose.

N.B. If you use this resource please take a few moments to fill out the user feedback forms. There is one for students and one for teachers.

Old English Hypertexts