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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The fourth of September in the after noone, such a storme of raine happened at London,A lad of eigh|teéne yeares [...] drowned [...] chanell in London. as the like of EEBO page image 1260 long time could not be remembred, wherethrough the chanels of the citie suddenlie rising, ran with such a forceable course towards the common sewes, that a lad about the age of eightéene yeares, minding to haue lept ouer the chanell neere vnto Dowgate, was borne ouer with the streame, and by the same caried from the conduit there towards the Thames, with such a swiftnesse, that no man with staues or other|wise could stay him, till he came against a cart wheele that stood in the watergate, afore which he was drow|ned and starke dead.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 This yeare the maior of London went by wa|ter to Westminster, [...] ma [...]ors [...]ast at the Guildhall. and there tooke his oth; as hath béene accustomed: he kept no feast at the Guildhall, although great prouision had béene made for that purpose, but dined at his owne house with his bre|thren the aldermen: the companies dined at their seuerall halles. This was doone by the speciall ap|pointment of the quéenes maiesties councell, to a|uoid infection of the plague, like to haue increased by comming togither of such a multitude. This wéeke from the two and twentith, vnto the eight and twen|tith of October, deceased in the citie and liberties, conteining an hundred and eight parishes, of all dis|eases, one hundred thréescore & six, of the which num|ber thréescore and fiue were accounted to die of the plague.T [...]a [...]me ad| [...]rned. Michaelmas tearme, which had beene adiour|ned by proclamation, began at Westminster on the sixt of Nouember. The same sixt day in the morning, there happened two great tides at London, in the riuer of Thames,Two tides in one houre. the first by course, the other within one houre following, which ouerflowed the marshes, with manie vaults and cellars neare adioining.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The fourtéenth of Nouember being sundaie, about midnight following,Fierie im|pressions [...]llous. diuerse strange impressions of fire and smoke were séene in the aire to procéed foorth of a blacke cloud in the north toward the south, which so continued till the next morning that it was daie light. The next night following, the heauens from all parts did séeme to burne maruellous raginglie, & ouer our heads the flames from the horizon round about rising did méet, and there double and roll one in another, as if it had béene in a cleare fornace. The eightéenth daie at night blew verie stormie & tem|pestuous winds out of the south, Anno Reg. 17. as hath not béene knowne the like out of that quarter,Tempestuous winds out of [...] south. especiallie af|ter midnight, till the next morning that it was daie light. These are to be receiued as tokens of Gods wrath readie bent against the world for sinne now abounding, and also of his great mercie, who dooth onlie thus but to shew vs the rod wherwith we dailie deserue to be beaten.

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