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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The fourth of March, a man was hanged in chains in saint Georges field beyond Southworke of Lon|don,

A man hang|ed in saint Georges field.

The earle of kent deceas|sed.

for murthering the gailor of Horsham in the same field. The seuentéenth of March deceassed Rei|nold Greie of Ruthin, earle of Kent, at Herneseie, and was buried at saint Giles without Creplegate. About the same time died Edmund lord Shandois. The fiue and twentith of March being wednesdaie in Easter wéeke,George San|ders murthe|red at Shoo|ters hill. and the feast of the Annuntiation of our ladie, George Browne cruellie murthered two honest men néere to Shooters hill in Kent, the one of them was a wealthie merchant of London named George Sanders, the other Iohn Beane of Wool|wich, which murther was committed in manner as followeth.A discourse of the murther practised and committed. On tuesdaie in Easter wéeke (the foure and twentith of March) the said George Browne re|ceiuing secret intelligence by letter from mistresse Anne Drurie, that master Sanders should lodge the same night at the house of one master Barnes in Woolwich, and from thense go on foot to saint Marie Craie; the next morning he laie in wait for him by the waie, a little from Shooters hill, and there slue both him & Iohn Beane seruant to master Barnes. But Iohn Beane hauing ten or eleuen wounds, & being left for dead, by Gods prouidence did reuiue a|gaine: and créeping awaie on all foure, was found by an old man and his maiden, and conueied vnto Woolwich, where he gaue euident marks of the murtherer.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Roger Cle|ment aliàs tru|stie Roger.Immediatlie vpon the déed dooing, Browne sent mistresse Drurie word thereof by Roger Clement (among them called trustie Roger) he himselfe re|paired foorthwith to the court at Greenewich, & anon after him came thither the report of the murther al|so. Then departed he thense vnto London, and came to the house of mistresse Drurie, where [...]hough he spake not personallie with hir, after conference had with hir seruant trustie Roger, she prouided him twentie pounds that same daie, for the which she laid certeine plate of hir owne, & of mistresse Sanders to gage.Browne the murtherer re| [...]eued with m [...]ne. On the next morning being thursdaie (ha|uing intelligence that Browne was sought for) they sent him six pounds more by the same Roger, war|ning him to shift for himselfe by flight, which thing he foreslowed not to doo. Neuerthelesse, the lords of the quéens maiesties councell caused so spéedie and nar|row search to be made for him, that vpon the eight and twentith of the same moneth he was apprehen|ded in a mans house of his owne name at Rochester and being brought backe againe to the court, was examined by the councell: vnto whome he confessed the deed (as you haue heard) and that he had often|times before pretended and sought to doo the same,He confesseth his offense vp|pon his exa|mination. by the instigation of the said mistresse Drurie, who had promised to make a marriage betwéene him and mi|stresse Sanders (whome he seemed to loue excessiue|lie) neuerthelesse he protested (though vntrulie) that mistresse Sanders was not priuie nor consenting therevnto.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Upon his confession he was arreigned at the Kings bench in Westminster hall the eighteenth of Aprill, where he acknowledged himselfe guiltie, and was condemned as principall of the murther, accor|ding to which sentence he was executed in Smith|field, on mondaie the twentith of Aprill: at which time also vntrulie (as she hir selfe confessed after|ward) he laboured by all meanes to cléere mistresse Sanders of committing euill of hir bodie with him,George Browne hanged in Smithfield, and afterward in chains on Shooters hill. and then floong himselfe besides the ladder. He was after hanged vp in chains néere vnto the place where he had doone the fact. In the meane time mistresse Drurie and hir man being examined, as well by their owne confessions, as by falling out of the mat|ter, and also by Brownes appeachment thought cul|pable, were committed to ward. And after mistresse Sanders being deliuered of child, and churched (for at the time of hir husbands death she looked presentlie to lie downe) was vpon mistresse Druries mans confession, and other great likelihoods, likewise com|mitted to the tower, and on wednesdaie the sixt of Maie she was arreigned with mistresse Drurie at the Guildhall.

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