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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The duke of Chatelle|raults palace burned.The duke of Chatelleraults palace in Lithquo was yet burnt and rased, and marching to another house belonging to the said duke, called Kenile, distant from Lithquo about a mile or more, they likewise burned the same. Thus hauing doone their pleasures at Lithquo, and in the countrie about that towne, they marched from thense to a proper house and ca|stell, belonging to the lord Seton, called Neitherie, which the enimies had fortified.Neitherie. But yet when the la|die of that house came to the generall,The ladie Seton. and made humble petition on hir knées for his fauor, offering to him the keies of that place in most humble wise; she found such courtes [...]e at his hands, that with con|dition that she & a baron with hir should enter bands for assurance, that the castell should euer afterwards remaine at the quéene of Englands pleasure, he tooke hir the keies againe, leauing hir in possession of hir house and goods, without dooing hir anie fur|ther displeasure.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This night the armie came to Edenburgh,Some of the English ar|mie spoiled in Edenburgh. where certeine of the companie that made hast to get thi|ther somewhat before the rest, receiued some discour|tesie: for they were spoiled in the streets of their fur|niture, & such other things as they had about them. But when the generall with the rest of the armie was come néere to the towne, and had knowledge of such foule disorder, he thought not good to enter the towne, without standing so sure on his gard, that he should not néed to doubt any double dealing, or cr [...]|ked measure. Which sure handling of the matter did not onelie shew the deuiser thereof to haue good con|duct and experience: T. Church|yard. but in verie déed auoided no small inconuenience and mischiefe, that by the eni|mies was finelie contriued (through a fraie to be made in the suburbs) so that a great slaughter had burst out suddenlie, and no small bloudshed follow|ed, if God and good guiding of the people had not staied and turned awaie that imminent danger. To be short,Sir Thomas Maners with his two bands vnder one en|signe. the generall sent sir Thomas Maners with two bands of souldiors, vnder one ensigne, to seize vpon the gates at their first arriuall, and so the pre|tensed conspiracie was happilie preuented; for the re|sidue of the power was no sooner entred the towne, but that kéeping themselues in order to cléere the streets, and to command the inhabitants the better, they spent that night standing on their gard, as the case required. When the morning was come, sir William Drurie smelling out the couert practise, and naughtie meaning of some, demanded iustice and strict punishment of such offenses and things as he would truelie laie to the charges of some in that towne: and told them flatlie, if remedie were not the sooner prouided, and satisfaction made for the follies and outrage committed, he would be quick|lie reuenged, to the displeasure and shame of all the contriuers of that same mad and mischéefous pre|sumption.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 Herevpon,Restitution made of things taken awaie from the souldiors. not onelie such things as had bin ta|ken from those few souldiors, which first entred the towne ouer night, were not onelie restored: but di|uerse malefactors were also deliuered to the gene|rall, to be executed and ordered by his discretion; who séeing their submission, mercifullie & franklie sent them awaie vnto their capteins: & so these broiles were pacified and things set in quiet. After they had rested in Edenburgh a two daies, the first of Iune they dislodged. The generall comming to Seton the chiefe castell & house of the lord Seton,Seton castell spared at the sute of the la|die. the ladie was readie there also to present him the keies, with like humble submission as before: and therevpon re|ceiued the like fauor for this house, as was shewed to hir for the other. That night they lodged at Ha|dington.Anderwike saued from ruine by occa|sion. It was determined that the pile of Ander|wike should haue beene ouerthrowne: but vpon sute and bands taken of diuerse gentlemen, the place was spared, and the offendors receiued to mercie. EEBO page image 1221 And so the next daie, the generall with the horssemen came through to Berwike, a iournie of two and thir|tie long miles.

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