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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 The foure and twentith of Maie, the generall gaue summons vnto the castell. And bicause they within stoode stiffelie in deniall to make surrender thereof vnto him, he was driuen to send to Striueling for some great peeces of ordinance méet to make bat|terie.Great ordi|nance sent for. In the meane time, the earles of Lennox and Morton with the horssemen,The earles of Lennox and Morton. and some shot, marched into the countrie to a verie faire house of the abbat of Kilwinnings neere adioining,The abbeit of Kilwinnings burnt. whose name was Gawen Hamilton, which house they burnt and vtter|lie defaced, spoiling it, and rasing it downe to the earth. They burnt and spoiled also seuentéene houses more belonging to men of that surname, situate néere thereabouts, wherof one belonged vnto a lard that had married with the sister of Iames Hamil|ton of Bodweie haugh, which slue the regent. There were also burnt seuen other faire houses belonging to others that were not of that surname: but yet were of their friends and alies. Moreouer, there were diuerse other of their kinred and alies that came in with humble submission, and assured themselues, firmelie promising from thensefoorth their obedience to the king.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The fiue and twentith of Maie sir William Dru|rie the generall retired his people vpon a policie from the castell, and left it without either watch or ward for that night. The next daie he sent sir George Careie to the castell with a trumpettor,The castell summoned. to know if they within would deliuer it vp, before the great or|dinance should come, which the capteine vtterlie re|fused to doo. Wherevpon the small shot clapt sudden|lie round about the house, and kept them within occu|pied, till that a whole culuering & a demie culuering came to them from Sterling, the which with foure of the English small field péeces were in the night following planted against the castell,The castell of Hamilton battered. and being shot off, a bullet of one of the great péeces passed through the walles into the castell.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The seuen and twentith of Maie about foure of the clocke in the morning,The castell eftsoones sum|moned. the generall sent a trum|pettor to giue summons againe to the castell: vn|to whome the capteine answered, that he cared not for them, & so bad them doo their woorst, for he would not yéeld the place to them at anie hand. Wherevpon immediatlie the whole tire began to plaie in such sort, that within foure volées both sides of the house were battered through: at the sight whereof the cap|teine was so dismaied, that foorthwith he cried for parlée, and so the shot was staied.The capteine of the castell demandeth parlée. Now vpon humble sute the capteine was admitted to speake with the generall, and so comming to talke with him, at length he agreed to yeeld: wherevpon, the prouost marshall was sent into the castell to take possession thereof. The generall permitted them verie courte|ouslie to depart with their furniture, and other such stuffe as they could carie with them. There came out of the house nine and thirtie persons one and other, foure and thirtie men, thrée boies, and two women, and therewith was the castell blowne vp and rased, and the armie laie that night in the towne, and in places about it.

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