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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 This doone, they returned againe néere to Kelseie,The lord lieu|tenants pur|pose to besiege Hume castell. where the lord lieutenant lodged for that night, mea|ning to haue besieged Hume castell. For the accom|plishment whereof, the same night the lord of Hun|nesdon and his companie went to Warke, to bring from thence the daie next following the great artil|lerie. But bicause the cariage horsses were returned to Barwike, this could not be brought to passe, & so the lord lieutenant with the whole armie returning into England the two & twentith of Aprill, came that night to Barwike.What castels & piles were ouerthrowne and spoiled in this voiage. In this iourneie there were ra|sed, ouerthrowne and spoiled, aboue fiftie castels and piles, and more than three hundred townes and villa|ges: so that there were verie few in Tiuidale and those parties there abouts, which had either receiued the English rebels, or by inuasion indamaged the English borders, and good subiects inhabiting vpon the same, that had left to them either castell, pile or house, for themselues, their freends, or tenants, beside the great losse of goods which were wasted, taken a|waie or consumed by this armie vnder the lord lieu|tenant.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Now in the meane while that he with his power thus afflicted the aduersaries on that side,The lord Scroope with his power. the lord Scroope warden of the west marches the eightéenth of Aprill entered Scotland on that side, with such forces as he had assembled. And the first night they incamped at Eglesham, and in the morning at the dislodging of the campe, that towne was burnt; and passing forward through the countrie, they burnt and spoiled diuerse other townes, almost till they came to Dunfrise, and had diuerse conflicts with the enimies, gaue them sundrie ouerthrowes, tooke ma|nie of them prisoners. And hauing accomplished his purpose, to his high praise and commendation, his lordship returned in safetie with his people into England; hauing burnt in that iourneie these pla|ces following: Hoddon, Trailebrow, old Cockpoole, Sherington, Blackeshaw, Banke end, Rowell, Logher wood, Bride kirke, and others. During these inuasions thus made into Scotland in that season,The marches of England garded a|gainst the enimie. the marches of England were so stronglie garded in all places by the lord Euers, sir George Bowes, and others; that the Scots durst not so much as once of|fer to make anie inuasion: so that in absence of the armies, there was not so much as an house burnt, or a cow driuen out of the English borders.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The six and twentith of Aprill, the earle of Sussex lord lieutenant, accompanied with the foresaid lord of Hunnesdon, master Drurie, and diuers other cap|teins and souldiours, to the number of thrée thousand or thereabouts, set from Barwike about fiue of the EEBO page image 1215 clocke in the afternoone towards Warke, where they arriued about nine of the clocke in the night: and continuing there till the next morning, in the meane time he put things in order necessarie for the assieg|ging of Hume castell, the winning whereof his lord|ship seemed to haue vowed.The marshall sent before to Hume castell. About the breake of the daie he sent foorth master Drurie, with certeine hors|men and shot before, to inuiron that castell, and to choose there such a plot of ground, where he might in|campe best in safetie frõ the shot of the same. Which the said master Drurie accordinglie performed, and there remained till the comming of the said lord lieutenant with the armie; who setting forward the footbands, cariage, and ordinance, made hast to fol|low. But yet yer he could passe the riuer of Twéed, and set ouer all the men, ordinance and carriage, it was almost ten of the clocke. Héere at this riuer, the lord lieutenant caused all the horssemen to staie and to take ouer the footmen.

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