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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 The Englishmen verelie in this seruice shewed, that they were nothing degenerat from the ancient race of their noble progenitors. Besides those that were slaine on the French part amongst whom was one of their capteins of good account amongst them, they tooke also Bassompeere an Almane, coronell ouer ten ensignes of footmen.Bassompéere. The presence of the lord lieutenant was not wanting that daie, both to incourage his worthie souldiers, and also to sée them applied with weapon [...]nd munition, so as they should not be vnprouided of anie thing that was néedfull for seruice. Of Englishmen there was hurt capteine Gilbert, and capteine Pelham, and about fiftéene o|ther hurt and slaine.Capteine Gil|bert and cap|teine Pelham hurt. Edward Dudleie. The seuenth of Iune capteine Edward Dudleie arriued at Newhauen, with an hundred souldiers. The morrow after, the first canon shot light within the towne of Newhauen, néere to the bulworke of saint Addresses, striking into the house where capteine Whéeler was lodged, which shot being brought to my lord of Warwike by Blew|mantell purseuant at armes, his honor beholding it, reioised thereat, and said, by Gods grace he would answer them againe.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The ninth of Iune arriued at Newhauen three capteins with their bands,A new supplie [...] Berwike souldiers. of an hundred a péece, being of the garrison of Berwike: to wit, capteine Tremaine, capteine Cornewall, & capteine Carew. Edward Randoll also landed there the same daie, appointed to be knight marshall.Capteine Randoll ap|pointed knight marshall. For ye must vnder|stand, that sir Adrian Poinings, being knight mar|shall vpon his returne into England, was otherwise emploid, and went not backe againe: and then was sir Thomas Finch of Kent appointed to go ouer to supplie the roome of knight marshall:Sir Thomas F [...]nch. who making his prouision readie, sent ouer his brother Erasmus Finch to haue charge of his band; and his kinsman Thomas Finch to be his prouost marshall, whilest staieng till he had euerie thing in a readinesse to passe ouer himselfe. At last, he imbarked in one of the quéenes maiesties ships called the Greiehound, ha|uing there aboord with him, beside thréescore and six of his owne retinue, fourtéene other gentlemen, two of them being brethren to the lord Wentwoorth, Iames Wentwoorth, and Iohn Wentwoorth, with diuerse o|thers, who in the whole (accounting the mariners) a|mounted vnto the number of 200 persons and vp|ward. And as they were on the furthest coast toward Newhauen, they were by contrarie wind and foule weather driuen backe toward the coast of England; and plieng towards Rie, they forced the capteine of the ship, a verie cunning seaman named William Maline, and also the maister and mariners,Sir Thomas Finch dro [...]|ned. to thrust into the hauen before the tide, and so they all perished, seuen of the meaner sort onlie excepted, where of three died shortlie after they came to land.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The dead bodie of sir Thomas Finch amongst o|thers was cast on shore, & being knowne, was con|ueied home to his house, and there buried in his pa|rish church. After this mischance, and losse of that woorthie gentleman,Edward Randoll pro|uost marshall. the said Edward Randoll was appointed knight marshall, who ordeined a right suffi|cient personage, capteine Iohn Shute, to be his pro|uost marshall. The fifteenth of Iune, capteine Ri|chard Sanders, and capteine William Saule,A supplie of souldiers ar|riue at New|hauen. with their bands of an hundred souldiers a péece, and cap|teine Drurie, with two hundred, arriued at New|hauen: and the morrow after arriued capteine Ro|berts with another hundred of souldiers. And on the seuenteenth of Iune, being thursdaie,Sir Francis Knolles ar|riuall. sir Fran|cis Knolles, vicechamberleine of the quéenes maie|sties house landed there, béeing sent ouer by hir ma|iestie and hir councell, to view the state of the towne.

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