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Compare 1577 edition: 1 About thrée of the clocke in the morning, the Reingraue suddenlie with his bands of horssemen and footmen gaue them in the fort an hot alarum;An alarum giuen to the new fort by the Rein|graue. and immediatlie the earle of Warwike gaue in charge to these capteins, Read, Appleyard, Tuttie, Zouch, Antwisell, Ward, Morton, and Parkinson, hauing with them a thousand footmen, and twentie horsmen, to set vpon the enimies in the village of Lheure, néere adioining to the said new fort, where the vali|ant English souldiers shewed well the woonted va|lure of their woorthie ancestors,The hardie onset of the Englishmen made vpon their aduer|saries. giuing such an har|die onset vpon their aduersaries, that greater man|hood had not lightlie appeared in any incounter, than was vsed by those martiall capteins, and their war|like bands at that present, to the high honor of their countrie: insomuch that they beat backe their eni|mies, slue and tooke of them to the number of foure hundred, beside thirtie faire horsses, and an ensigne, which one Eastwike lieutenant to capteine Antwi|sell got.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 Amongst the numbers of them that were slaine, there were found aboue thirtie handsome gentle|men and verie well appointed. To conclude, the Englishmen behaued themselues so manfullie on each side,The Alma [...] put to flight. that by plaine force of armes they droue the enimies quite out of the village, & after set it on fire, bicause the enimies should not come to incampe therein, as their purpose was to haue doone at that present. The six and twentith of Maie, the French|men in number about thrée thousand horssemen and footmen came downe towards the windmils, neere to the bulworke called saint Addresses, against whom the English horsemen and footmen issued foorth of the towne, giuing them a right hot skirmish,Another skirmish. which con|tinued for the space of two houres, insomuch that there were slaine of the French to the number of 200; beside an hundred and aboue that were hurt. On the English side that daie were lost about a doz|zen EEBO page image 1202 or thirtéene persons, and amongst others, was capteine Tremaine slaine, and manie hurt. To con|clude, the Englishmen like hardie and worthie soul|diers wan and kept the field,The French|men driuen to retire. so as the Frenchmen in the end were driuen to retire, and besides other losses which they receiued, they had aboue fiftie of their horsses killed and hurt.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 In this skirmish, being one of the notablest that had béene lightlie séene manie a daie before, capteine Horseie shewed woorthie proofe of his most valiant courage,Capteine Horseies va|liant. winning to himselfe such commemdation, as the same will not be forgotten, whilest anie shall remaine aliue that beheld his manfull dealings: be|ing such at that present, as deserue to be registred in the booke of fame, & to continue with posteritie for e|uer. On saturdaie the fift of Iune at seuen of the clocke at night, the Reinsgraue hauing laid in the village of Lheure an ambush of six hundred horsse|men, and fiftéene hundred footmen, there came downe also betwéene the abbeie and the village called En|glefield towards the towne,Another skirmish. the number of a thou|sand footmen, which began a verie hot skirmish, first at the new fort, comming euen hard to the ditches, where the Englishmen manfullie incountered them. Herewith also the Reinsgraue appointed other to come downe, and approch the bulworks of saint Ad|dresses, saint Francis, & saint Michaell, and to (con|clude) round about the towne: so that there were of them to the number of six thousand that were im|ploied in this skirmish, which was mainteined right fercelie for the space of two hours, with verie sharpe and cruell fight: in the end the enimies were forced to giue place,The number which the French lost in t [...]is skirmish. with the losse of fiue hundred of their men, Almans, Frenchmen, Gascoignes, and Spa|niards.

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