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Compare 1577 edition: 1 The thirtith of March being tuesdaie,Another pro|clamation for the lawfull ap|prehending of prisoners. proclamati|on was eftsoones made, that whereas all forreners, being not anie of the burgesses, or proper inhabi|tants of the said towne of Newhauen, nor of the garrison or armie of the Englishmen in the same towne, had béene warned by seuerall proclamati|ons to depart the towne; and yet the same proclama|tions notwithstanding, a great number made their abode still in the towne, in contempt of those pro|clamations: the lord lieutenant by this proclamati|on gaue full power and authoritie to the said prouost marshall of the garrison of the Englishmen in that towne, to apprehend and take as good and lawfull pri|soners, all such forreners, as well souldiers, and ma|riners, as other without exception, which should be found in the towne at anie time after fiue of the clocke in the afternoone on saturdaie then next com|ming: monsieur Beauuois and his familie,Exceptions against the foresaid pro|clamation. and all ministers then being within the towne, being ne|uerthelesse cléerelie excepted; and diuerse prouisions also included in this selfesame proclamation, for the mitigating of extremities, by wrong interpreting thereof, in behalfe of them that were to depart, as also that the gaine that should come by euerie parti|cular prisoner so arrested by the prouost marshall, should returne to anie of the quéenes maiesties sub|iects, by whose meane and procurement the same pri|soner was detected, and caused to be apprehended.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 On mondaie the fift of Aprill, the Reingraue with foure hundred horssemen,The Rein|graue with his horssemen. and about fiue hun|dred footmen, came downe the hill, betwixt saint Ad|dresses & Englefield, where sir Hugh Paulet knight met with him, by appointment of the lord lieutenant accompanied with fortie horssemen, and a thousand English footmen: and after they had talked togither by the space of an houre, they departed the one from the other; maister Paulet returning to Newhauen, and the Reingraue to Mondeuille, the place where EEBO page image 1201 he vsuallie remained. On Easter euen, two souldi|ers that had serued vnder capteine Parkinson were hanged in the market place of Newhauen,Execution on Easter euen. for run|ning awaie to the Reingraue and vnto Diepe. An|other also that serued vnder capteine Turner was condemned for the like offense, but pardoned throgh the great clemencie of the lord lieutenant.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 A proclama|tion to be pac|king out of Newhauen.The eight and twentith of Aprill, proclamation was made, that all the papists, and the wiues and children of all them that were departed foorth of Newhauen, and made their abode at that present in Monstreuilliers, Harflue, or elsewhere abroad in the countrie, and likewise all other, whome the last pro|clamation for their auoiding out of the towne in a|nie wise touched, should depart on saturdaie then next insuing, on paine to haue their bodies arrested as prisoners, and their goods to be confiscate. Other articles were conteined in the same proclamation, as well for the forreners that should come foorth of the countrie to the market, as for the behauiour and demeanor of the French inhabitants of the towne, with promise of reward to such as should discouer and apprehend anie espiall, either dwelling in the towne, or comming and going to or from it. The first of Maie, Garter principall king of armes ar|riued at Newhauen,Garter king of armes brin|geth the gar|ter to the lord lieutenant. bringing with him the garter to the lord lieutenant, chosen on S. Georges daie last past to be one of the confréers of that most honora|ble order. The fourth of Maie proclamation was made, that all the French burgesses & others should bring and deliuer all their armour and weapon into the towne hall of Newhauen, which commandement was incontinentlie obeied and accomplished.

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