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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Mondaie the fifteenth of Aprill about noone,Blacke mon|daie. there issued out of Leith a fiftie horssemen, and about fiue hundred harquebusiers: who making to the new trenches,The French|men win the trench. were vpon the Englishmen that warded in such wise vppon the sudden, before they could be brought into anie order; that so entring the trenches, they slue and wounded no small number: and pos|sessing the trenches a while, stopped and cloied the touch holes of three peeces of the artillerie, tooke mai|ster Maurice Barkeleie prisoner, and his ensigne.Maister Barkeleie ta|ken prisoner. Brian Fitz Williams was sore wounded, and a foule fright there was. The alarum being brought to the campe, sir Iames Croft and other repaired to|ward the trench with all expedition, and perceiuing the Frenchmen to be maisters of one of the tren|ches, he called to capteine Uaughan, commanding him with his band to enter the trench, and to relieue those that were hardlie beeset of the Frenchmen.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 6 This was doone with great manhood shewed by the said Uaughan and others, who entring the trench,The French|men repelled, and some of them slaine repelled the enimies, and slue sixteene of them that were in the trench. Capteine Summerset and cap|teine EEBO page image 1189 Read with their bands followed them also, as they retired, and maister Arthur Greie, with certeine of his demilances, of whome he had the conduction, suddenlie came vpon them, and charging them with great courage, draue them into the towne, and made no small slaughter of them.Maister Ar|thur Greie hurt in the shoulder. In which charge master Arthur Greie was shot through the shoulder. The great artillerie in Leith was not idle, during this skirmish, discharging to the number of an hundred shot, greatlie to the annoiance of the English, and hinderance of the seruice, which else might by them haue beene atchiued. This night the Englishmen drew backe their ordinance, which the Frenchmen had cloied with nailes and wiers in the touch-holes, but the same were planted againe before daie. More|ouer, our pioners cast a new trench along by the old chappell.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 A new supplie commeth to the armie, the capteines names.Tuesdaie the sixtéenth of Aprill, a supplie of two thousand & two hundred footmen came to the campe, ouer whome were capteins, sir Andrew Corbet, sir Rowland Stanleie, sir Thomas Hesketh, sir Arthur Manwering, sir Laurence Smith, master Francis Tunstall, maister Edward Littleton, capteine Caruell, Philip Sturleie, and Dauid Morris. They were garded with fiue hundred horssemen: sir Rafe Sadler, sir Francis Leake, sir Iohn Forster, and sir Nicholas Strange hauing charge to sée them safelie conducted: who after they had brought them past all danger of enimies, left them in safetie by the waie, & were come a daie or two before them to the campe. Wednesdaie the seuentéenth of Aprill,An hot alarum of an houres continuance. it rained sore the more part of the daie; but yet the same night ma|ster Winter caused diuerse of the shipbotes, being verie well manned, to giue a great alarum at the side of the towne towards the water, discharging manie basses and harquebusiers of Croke into the towne: the alarum was verie hot for the space of an houre. During this businesse there was a right pi|tifull crie made by the women and children within the towne.Ordinance planted in trenches. The pioners being applied in worke to make trenches, on fridaie all daie at night they pla|ced certeine péeces of the ordinance in the trenches beside the chappell.

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