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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Tuesdaie the second of Aprill, my lord Greie, sir Iames Croft, my lord Scroope, sir George Ho|ward, with diuerse of the capteins,The duke of Chateau le rault and his companie. rode to Muskle|bourgh church, and there taried the comming of the duke of Chateau le rault, for the space of full two houres: at length he came accompanied with his sonne, the earle of Arraine, the earles of Argile, Glencarne, Southerland, Menteith, and Rothus, the lord Iames prior of saint Andrews, the lord Ru [...]th|uen aliàs Riuen, the lord Ogletrée, the lord Boid, the master of Maxwell, the lard of Ormeston, the master of Lindseie, the bishop of Gallowaie, the abbat of saint Colmes inch, the abbat of Culros, the lard of Pettirrow, the lard of Cunningham head, the lard of Grange, and diuerse others. They were two hun|dred horsse in traine.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 5 Upon the dukes approch, they all lighted on foot,The English and Scotish gentlemen meet, embrace, and consult. as well on the one part as the other: and after cour|teous embracings, and gentle salutations, they en|tred into the house of one William Atkinson, néere to Undreske church, and sat there in councell the space of two houres, & then departed for that night. The armie laie still in campe at salt Preston, from mondaie, till saturdaie, Palmesundaie euen. On wednesdaie, the third of Aprill, my lord Greie, sir Iames Croft, and my lord Scroope, sir George Howard, sir Henrie Persie, and diuerse other cap|teins and gentlemen, rode vnto Pinkeie, a house of the abbat of Dunferns, distant a mile and a halfe from the campe, where the earle of Arraine, and the lord Iames Steward, with diuerse other noble men of Scotland méeting them, did conduct them into the said house, where they had long conference togi|ther, which ended, they went to dinner, and after din|ner, they returned with my lord lieutenant to salt Preston, and viewed the English campe. Thurs|daie the fourth of Aprill, fiue yoong gentlemen,The Scotish pledges ap|pointed to passe into England. ap|pointed to passe into England for pledges, & bound thither by sea, through contrarie winds were forced to come on land at salt Pannes. Their names were as follow.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 The lord Claud Hamilton fourth sonne vnto the duke of Chateau le rault, Robert Douglas halfe brother to the lord Iames Steward, Archebald Campbell lord of Loughennell, George Gream second sonne to the earle of Monteith. Iames Co|ningham sonne to the earle of Glencarne: they were brought vp to salt Preston, and remained there that night. Saturdaie the sixt of Aprill, being Palmesundaie euen, the campe raised from salt Preston, and marched forwards.A crag called Arthurs s [...]at. Halfe a mile from Lesterike, beneath a crag, called Arthurs seat, the duke of Chateau le rault, the earle of Arraine, the earle of Argile, the lord Iames prior of saint An|drews, and the rest of the noble men of Scotland, accompanied with two hundred horssemen, or there|abouts, and fiue hundred footmen, staied for the com|ming of the English armie. Wherevpon the lord Greie, sir Iames Croft, the lord Scroope, sir George Howard, and sir Henrie Persie, repaired to them,Conference betwéene the English and Scotish. and had conference there with the duke, and other of the Scotish lords that were in his companie. In the meane while the armie staied: but yet at length, the EEBO page image 1188 horssemen, the vantgard and battell, were com|manded to march foorth, who accordinglie passing forward alongst by the place where the duke & Sco|tish lords stood, held vpon their waie, till they ap|proched néere to Lesterike.

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