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Ericus king of Swethen, sonne of Gustabus late king of the said kingdome,The queenes maiestie sued vnto out of Denmark [...] about ma|riage. hauing committed to prison his brother Iohn duke of Finland, whom a lit|tle before he had imploied into England on an am|bassage to the quéenes maiestie, whom he sued to for mariage, and had his sute reiected; againe the second time solicited hir maiestie in the same sute notwith|standing, to his great dishonor, and (as it fell out) his iust disgrace. He attempted the same matter with the yoongest daughter of Philip Lantgraue Uanhessen, at whose hand (hauing the second time beene reiected of hir maiestie héere) the matter being knowne there, he also not onelie receiued a deniall, but the la|die was by hir father bestowed vpon Adolfe duke Uan Holst, vncle of Frederike king of Denmarke, then enimie of the said Ericus. Thus farre Iohannes Lewenclaij.] Iohannes Lewenclaij.

¶Cuthbert Tunstall was translated from London to Durham, Fr. Thin. Description and commen|dation of bi|shop Tunstall. after the death of cardinall Wolseie, of whome (besides that which Holinshed in this booke reporteth) I will saie a little, he being so reuerend a prelat; as the managing of the princes affaires by him dooth well witnesse, and this present age can yet well remember. This man (being of a mild condi|tion) was borne at Hachaford in Richmondshire, and (as Leland hath left in writing that he heard) the base sonne of one Tunstall an ancient gentleman: whose ancestors (as I haue read) came into England with the conquerour, attending on him as his bar|bar, for which cause he beareth in his armes thrée combes as a note to posteritie of the originall of his gentrie.The armes of Tunstall. Which bishop although he is supposed to haue béene base borne (as manie noble capteins and other the valiant persons of the world haue béene, whereof six hundred examples as hath the prouerbe might be produced) yet was he not base in lerning, eloquence, grauitie, and honorable calling both in spirituall & temporall affaires: both in seruice of the prince and in charge of his church. For (besides manie other of|fices that he exercised) he was maister of the rols: sundrie time ambassador to forreine princes, bishop of London, and from thence (by vertue of Clement the seuenth his bulles to K. Henrie the eight in the yeare 1530,Tunstall bare office. the fiue & twentith of March) aduanced to the sée of Durham, and (by the kings letters) elec|ted therevnto the yeare before said. In the which function he behaued himselfe, as the worthinesse of the estate required, and as the doctrine of the church in those daies would permit; of which I meane not to intreat, neither of his fall or rising: but will onlie meddle with méere temporall accidents, as one that hath not béene accustomed to die his pen in the bloud of mens consciences, nor in the opinions of religion.

Wherefore to omit all such things, I saie of this bishop, that he was a man singularlie learned (& as Caius tearmeth him Litera [...]issimus) in the Hebrue, Gréeke, and Latine toongs; and did not onelie erect sumptuous buildings for the mind and inward man (in furnishing when he was bishop of London a li|brarie EEBO page image 1186 in Cambridge, with manie notable both writ|ten and printed bookes: compiling also manie other bookes, aswell of diuinitie as of other sciences, wher|of at this daie his arithm [...]tike is of great estimati|on through Europe) but did also for the flesh & out|ward man build from the ground a most beautifull porch or gatehouse (with a chapell annexed therevn|to) of faire stone in the castell of Durham,Buildings founded by Tunstall, &c. withall adding vnto the said castell certeine gates with iron bars and portcullices supported with strong walles of stone on each part for the more strength against the enimie: not forgetting to make a water-con|duit for the ease of washing (and to serue the other of|fices in the house) on the left side of the entrance in|to the said castell. To which these sumptuous déeds (for they are verie heroicall) may be added the gate|house built at Alnewike, and the tolboth in the mar|ket of Durham all of stone, with the rest of the hou|ses of office next vnto the hinder part of the said tolboth, which afterward (with other great liberali|ties) he gaue to the citizens of Durham.

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