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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The obsequie for him was kept in verie solemne wise,The maner of the obsequie with a rich hearse, made like an imperiall crowne, susteined with great pillers, and couered with blacke veluet, with a valence stringed with gold and richlie hanged with scutchions, pennons, and banners of the French kings armes, without anie lights. And on the beere was laid a rich pall of cloth of gold, with a coat armor of the armes of France, and a crest, with an imperiall crowne standing vpon the béere: doctor Parker archbishop of Canturburie elect, doctor Barlow bishop of Chichester elect, and doctor Scorie bishop of Hereford elect, executing at the dirge of this euening song in English, they sit|ting in the bishop of Londons seat, in the vpper quéere, in surplices, with doctors hoods about their shoulders. The chéefe mourner was the marquesse of Winchester, lord treasuror, assisted with ten other lords mourners,The chéefe mourners at this obsequie. with all the heralds in blacke, and their coat armours vppermost.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 On the morrow being saturdaie, & ninth of Sep|tember, a sermon was preached by doctor Scorie, in place of doctor Grindall bishop of London, who be|ing appointed to preach that sermon, was letted by sicknesse. After the sermon, six of the lords mour|ners receiued the communion with the bishops,Six bishops receiue the communion. which bishops were in copes and surplices, onelie at the ministration of the said communion. Which be|ing finished, there was a great dinner kept in the bi|shop of Londons palace by Paules, where the mour|ners apparelled them, and so ended the solemnitie of the said exequies. The bishops had blacke gownes giuen them, and eight blacke coats a peece for their seruants, at the quéenes charges.

¶About the last of September, Iohn duke of Fin|land, Ex I. S. pa. 1114. Embassador from Swe|then receiued into Eng|land. second sonne to Gustabus king of Swethen, was sent by his father to treat a marriage for his el|dest brother Ericus, with the quéenes maiestie of England: he arriued at Harwich in Essex, and was there honorablie receiued and interteined by the erle of Oxford, which said earle, and the lord Robert Dud|leie, with a goodlie band of gentlemen and yeomen, conueied him to London, where he was receiued of diue [...]se knights and gentlemen of the court, on the fift of October, and was with his traine of about the number of fiftie persons well horssed, conueied to the bishop of Winchesters place in Southworke, where he was lodged during his abode here, and re|moued from thence two daies before Easter home|wards, and sped on his message as may appeare by that which followeth, taken out of Iohannes Lewenclaij comment. de bellis Moscorum.

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