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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Moreouer in this yeare 1558 there died two of the said emperors sisters,The deceasse of the queene of France. that went with him into Spaine, after he had resigned the empire, to wit, queene Leonor, first maried vnto Emanuell king of Portugall, and after his deceasse vnto the French king Francis the first of that name: she deceassed in Februarie last past. His other sister Marie, quéene of Hungarie, late regent of the low countries,The deceasse of the quéene of Hungarie. de|ceassed on saint Lukes daie, the eightéenth of Octo|ber last past. And so the one preuenting him, the other EEBO page image 1172 taried not long after him, in so much that king Phi|lip did celebrate the exequies in the towne of Brus|sels, of his father the emperour, of his aunt Marie queene of Hungarie, and of his wife Marie quéene of England, in this present moneth of December subsequentlie, after the most pompous and solemne manner.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 On sundaie the first of Ianuarie, by vertue of the quéenes proclamation,1559. the English letanie was read accordinglie as was vsed in hir graces chappell in churches through the citie of London.The letanie. The epistle and gospell in English. And like|wise the epistle and gospell of the daie began to be read in the same churches at masse time in the Eng|lish toong, by commandement giuen by the lord ma|ior, according to the tenour of the same proclamati|on, published the thirtith of the last month. On thurs|daie the twelfe of Ianuarie,The quéene remooueth [...] West|minster to the tower by water. the queenes maiestie re|mooued from hir palace of Westminster by water vnto the tower of London, the lord maior and alder|men in their barge, and all the citizens with their barges decked and trimmed with targets and ban|ners of their mysteries accordinglie attending on hir grace.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The bachellers barge of the lord maiors companie, to wit, the mercers had their barge with a toist trim|med with thrée tops, and artillerie aboord, gallantlie appointed to wait vpon them, shooting off lustilie as they went, with great and pleasant melodie of in|struments, which plaied in most sweet and heauenlie maner. Hir grace shut the bridge about two of the clocke in the after noone, at the still of the ebbe, the lord maior and the rest following after hir barge, at|tending the same, till hir maiestie tooke land at the priuie staires at the tower wharfe: and then the said lord maior with the other barges returned, passing through the bridge againe with the floud, and landed at the wharfe of the thrée cranes in the Uintrie. Up|pon saturdaie, which was the fourteenth daie of Ia|unarie, in the yeare of our Lord God 1558, about two of the clocke at after noone, the most noble and christian princesse, our most dread souereigne ladie Elisabeth, by the grace of God quéene of England, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, &c: mar|ched from the tower, to passe thorough the citie of London toward Westminster,The quéene passeth from the tower to [...]estminster through the [...]. richlie furnished, and most honourablie accompanied, as well with gentle|men, barons, and other the nobilitie of this realme, as also with a notable traine of goodlie and beauti|full ladies, richlie appointed.

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