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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Robert Fabian a citizen and merchant of Lon|don, an historiographer, he was in his time in good estimation for his wisedome and wealth in the citie, so that he bare office and was shiriffe in the yeare 1493; William Celling, borne beside Feuersham in Kent, a monke of Canturburie; Thomas Bour|chier descended of the noble linage of the earles of Essex, was first bishop of Elie, and after remooued from thense to Canturburie, succéeding Iohn Kemp in that archbishops see, at length created by pope Paule the second a cardinall; Philip Bromierd a Dominicke frier, a diuine; Iohn Miles a doctor of both the lawes, ciuill and canon, he studied in Oxen|ford in the college of Brasen nose, newlie founded in the daies of this king Henrie the seuenth by Wil|liam Smith bishop of Lincolne; Richard Shirborne bishop of Chichester, and imploied in ambassage to diuerse princes, as a man most méet thereto for his singular knowledge in learning and eloquence.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Robert Uiduus vicar of Thakestéed in Essex, and a prebendarie canon of Welles, an excellent poet; Peter Kenighall a Carmelit frier, but borne of wor|shipfull linage in France, hauing an Englishman to his father, was student in Oxenford, and became a notable preacher; Iohn Morton first bishop of E|lie, and after archbishop of Canturburie the sixtie and fourth in number that ruled that sée, he was ad|uanced to the dignitie of a cardinall, and by king Henrie the seuenth made lord chancellor, a worthie councellor and a modest, he was borne of worshipfull parents in Cheshire, & departed this life in the yeare of our Lord 1500; Henrie Meowall chapleine to the said Morton; Edmund Dudleie borne of noble pa|rentage, studied the lawes of this land, and profited highlie in knowledge of the same, he wrote a booke intituled Arbor rei publicae, the tree of the common wealth: of this man ye haue heard before in the life of this king, and more (God willing) shall be said in the beginning of the next king, as the occasion of the historie leadeth; Iohn Bokingham an excellent schooleman; William Blackeneie a Carmelit frier, a doctor of diuinitie, and a nekromancer.

Thus farre Henrie the seuenth, sonne to Edmund earle of Richmond.
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 Henrie the eight, sonne and successor to Henrie the seuenth.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 _AFter the death of the noble prince Henrie the sea|uenth, his sonne Henrie the eight began his reigne the two and twen|tith daie of Aprill in the yeare of the world 5475, after the birth of our sa|uiour 1509,1509 Anno Reg. 1. and in the eightéenth yeare of his age, in the sixtéenth yeare of Maximilian then being emperour, in the eleuenth yeare of Lewes the twelfe that then reigned in France, and in the twentith yeare of king Iames the fourth as then ruling ouer the Scots. Whose stile was proclamed by the sound of a trumpet in the citie of London,Henrie the [...]ight procla| [...] king. the thrée and twentith daie of the said moneth, with much gladnesse and reioising of the people. And the same daie he departed from his ma|nou [...] of Richmond, to the Tower of London, where he remained closelie and secret with his councell, till the funerals of his father were finished.

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