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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Of learned men that liued in this kings daies (as maister Bale noteth them) these are recorded. First George Rippeleie a Carmelite frier at Boston, seene in the mathematikes, he wrote diuerse treatises, and after his decease was accounted a nekroman|cer; Iohn Erghom borne in Yorke, a blacke [...]rier, EEBO page image 798 a doctor of diuinitie professed in Oxford, studious of prophesies, as by the title of the works which he wrote it may appeare; Iohn Persiuall a Chartreux monke; Thomas Maillorie a Welshman borne, he wrote (I wote not what) of king Arthur, and of the round ta|ble; Iohn Rousse borne in Warwikeshire, a diligent searcher of antiquities, whervpon few libraries were any where to be seene in England and Wales, where he made not search for the same, and wrote sundrie treatises of historicall arguments. He deceassed at Warwike the fourtéenth of Ianuarie in the yeare 1491, and was buried in our ladie church there.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Thomas Scroope, otherwise surnamed Bradleie, descended of the noble familie of the Scroops, profes|sed sundrie kinds of religions, as that of the order of saint Benet, and saint Dominike, and likewise he became a Carmelite, and last of all he fell to and preached the gospell in haire and sackecloth, till he vnderstood himselfe to be in the displeasure of Wal|den and other, that could not awaie with such singula|ritie in him or other, sounding (as they tooke it) to the danger of bringing the doctrine of the Romish church in misliking with the people; for then he withdrew himselfe to his house againe, and there remained twentie yeares, leading an anchors life, but yet after that time he came abroad, and was aduanced to be a bishop in Ireland, [...] and went to the Roades in ambas|sage, from whence being returned, he went barefoo|ted vp and downe in Norffolke, teaching in townes and in the countrie abroad the ten commandements, he liued till he came to be at the point of an hun|dred yeares old, & departed this life the fiftéenth day of Ianuarie in the yeare of our Lord 1491, and was buried at Lestolfe in Suffolke.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Iohn Tonneis a diuine and an Augustine frier in Norwich, wrote certeine rules of grammar, and other things printed by Richard Pinson; Gefferie surnamed the Grammarian; Iohn Alcocke bishop of Elie, changed a nunrie at Cambridge into a college named Iesus college, about the yeere of Christ 1496. The chiefe cause of suppressing the nunrie is noted to be, for that the abbesse and other of the conuent liued dissolute liues; Stephan Hawes a learned gentle|man, and of such reputation, as he was admitted to be one of the priuie chamber to king Henrie the se|uenth; William Bintree, so called of a towne in Norffolke where he was borne, by profession a Car|melite frier in Burnham, a great diuine; William Gallion an Augustine frier in Lin, and at length be|came prouinciall of his order.

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