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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 But howsoeuer it came to passe, whilest he laie in Ireland, he had knowledge from the Cornishmen, that they were readie to renew the warre againe. Wherevpon he minding not to let passe so fai [...]e an occasion, hauing with him foure small ships,Perkin War|beck arriueth in Cornwall. and not aboue six score men, sailed into Cornewall; and there landed in the moneth of September, and came to a towne called Bodman, and there did so prouoke the wauering people, what with faire words and large promises, that he gathered to him aboue thrée thou|sand persons, which immediatlie called him their capteine, promising to take his part, and follow him to the death. Then Perkin well incouraged,Another re|bellion by the Cornishmen. made proclamations in the name of king Richard the fourth, as sonne to king Edward the fourth. And by the aduise of his three councellors,Perkins thrée councellors. Iohn Heron mer|cer a bankrupt, Richard Skelton a tailor, and Iohn Astelie a scriuener determined first of all to assaie the winning of Excester.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Then hasting thither, he laid siege to it, and wan|ting ordinance to make batterie,Excester as [...]saulted by Perkin & the Cornishmen. studied all waies possible how to breake the gates, and what with cast|ing of stones, heauing with iron barres, and kindling EEBO page image 784 of fire vnder the gates, he omitted nothing that could be deuised for the furtherance of his purpose. The ci|tizens, perceiuing in what danger they stood, first let certeine messengers downe by cords ouer the wall, that might certifie the king of their necessitie & trou|ble. And herewith taking vnto them boldnesse of cou|rage, determined to repell fire with fire, and caused fagots to be brought and laid to the inward parts of the gates, and set them all on fire; to the intent that the fire being inflamed on both sides the gates, might as well keepe out their enimies from entring,The citie of Excester pre|serued from fire by fire. as shut in the citizens from fléeing out, and that they in the meane season might make trenches and ram|pires to defend their enimies in stéed of gates and bulworks. Thus by fire was the citie preserued from fire.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 Then Perkin of verie necessitie compelled to for|sake the gates, assaulted the towne in diuerse weake and vnfortified places, and set vp ladders to take the citie. But the citizens, with helpe of such as were come foorth of the countrie adioining to their aid, so valiantlie defended the walles, that they slue aboue two hundred of Perkins souldiers at that assault. The king hauing aduertisement of this siege of Ex|cester,The king ma|keth out his power against Perkin. hasted foorth with his host, in as much speed as was possible, and sent the lord Daubeneie with cer|teine bands of light horssemen before, to aduertise all men of his comming at hand. But in the m [...]ane season, the lord Edward Courtneie earle of Deuon|shire, and the valiant lord William his sonne, accom|panied with sir Edmund Carew, sir Thomas Tren|chard, sir William Courtneie, sir Thomas Fulford, sir Iohn Halewell, sir Iohn Croker, Water Court|nie, Peter Edgecombe, William saint Maure, with all spéed came into the citie of Excester, and holpe the citizens, and at the last assault was the earle hurt in the arme with an arrow, and so were manie of his companie, but verie few slaine.

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