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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Yet all this notwithstanding, he regarded more his oth, his honor, and promise made to king Ri|chard, like a gentleman; and as a faithfull subiect to his prince, absented not himselfe from his maister; but as he faithfullie liued vnder him, so he manfullie died with him, to his great fame and laud. [And ther|fore, though his seruice was ill imploied in aid of a tyrant (whome it had béene more honorable to haue suppressed than supported) yet bicause he had vpon his fealtie vndertaken to fight in his quarell, he thought it lesse losse of life and liuing than of glorie & honour: so that he might haue said, in respect of his loialtie & promised truth testified with constancie to the death:

Est mihi supplicium causa fuisse pium.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 There were slaine beside him, Ouid. Walter lord Fer|rers of Chartleie, sir Richard Radcliffe,What persons of name were slaine on king Richards side. and Robert Brakenberie lieutenant of the Tower, and not ma|nie gentlemen more. Sir William Catesbie lear|ned in the lawes of the realme, and one of the chéefe councellors to the late king, with diuerse other, were two daies after beheaded at Leicester. Amongst them that ran awaie, were sir Francis vicount Lo|nell, and Humfreie Stafford, and Thomas Stafford his brother, which tooke sanctuarie in saint Iohns at Glocester. Of captiues and prisoners there were a great number. For after the death of king Richard was knowne and published, euerie man in manner vnarming himselfe, & casting awaie his abiliments of warre, meekelie submitted themselues to the o|beisance and rule of the earle of Richmond: of the which the more part had gladlie so doone in the begin|ning, if they might haue conuenientlie escaped from king Richards espials, which hauing as cléere eies as Lynx, and open eares as Midas, ranged & searched in euerie quarter.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Amongst these was Henrie the fourth earle of Northumberland, which (whether it was by the com|mandement of king Richard, putting diffidence in him; or he did it for the loue and fauour that he bare vnto the earle) stood still with a great companie, and intermitted not in the battell, which was inconti|nentlie receiued into fauour and made of the coun|cell. But Thomas Howard earle of Surreie,Erle of Sur|reie cõmitted to the Towe [...] notwithstan|ding his sub|mission. which submitted himselfe there, was not taken to grace; bi|cause his father was chiefe councellor, and he great|lie familiar with king Richard, but committed to the Tower of London, where he long remained; and in conclusion deliuered, was for his truth and fidelitie after promoted to high honors, offices and dignities. On the earle of Richmonds part were slaine scarse one hundred persons, among whome the principall was sir William Brandon his standard-bearer. This battell was fought at Bosworth in Leicestershire, the two and twentith daie of August, in the yeare of our redemption 1485. The whole conflict indured li|tle aboue two houres.

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