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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Then followed king Richard in his robes of purple veluet, and ouer his head a canopie, borne by foure barons of the cinque ports. And on euerie side of the king there went one bishop, that is to saie, the bishop of Bath, and the bishop of Durham. Then followed the duke of Buckingham bearing the kings traine, with a white staffe in his hand, signi|fieng the office of the high steward of England. Then there followed a great number of earles and barons before the queene. And then came the earle of Huntington, who bare the quéenes scepter, and the vicount Lisle bearing the rod with the doue. And the earle of Wilshire bare the queenes crowne. Then followed quéene Anne daughter to Richard earle of Warwike in robes like to the king,Quéene Anne wife to king Richard and daughter to Richard earle of Warwike, and hir traine. betwéene two bishops, and a canopie ouer hir head borne by the ba|rons of the ports. On hir head a rich coronet set with stones and pearle.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 After hir followed the countesse of Richmond heire to the duke of Summerset, which bare vp the quéenes traine. After followed the duchesse of Suf|folke and Norffolke, with countesses, baronesses, la|dies, and manie faire gentlewomen. In this order they passed through the palace, and entered the abbeie at the west end; and so came to their seats of estate. And after diuerse songs solemnelie soong, they both ascended to the high altar, and were shifted from their robes, and had diuerse places open from the EEBO page image 734 middle vpward, in which places they were annoin|ted. Then both the king and the queene changed them into cloth of gold, and ascended to their seats, where the cardinall of Canturburie,The king & queene crow|ned. & other bishops them crowned according to the custome of the realme, gi|uing him the scepter in the left hand, & the ball with the crosse in the right hand; and the queene had the scepter in hir right hand, and the rod with the doue in hir left hand.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 4 On euerie side of the king stood a duke, and before him stood the earle of Surrie with the sword in his hands. And on euerie side of the quéene standing a bishop, & a ladie kneeling. The cardinall soong masse, and after pax, the king and the queene descended, and before the high altar they were both houseled, with one host diuided betweene them. After masse fini|shed, they both offered at saint Edward his shrine, and there the king left the crowne of saint Edward, and put on his owne crowne. And so in order as they came, they departed to Westminster hall; and so to their chambers for a season: during which time the duke of Norffolke came into the hall, his horsse trap|ped to the ground in cloth of gold, as high marshall, and voided the hall. About foure of the clocke, the king and queene entered the hall, and the king sate in the middle, and the queene on the left hand of the table, and on euerie side of hir stood a countesse, holding a cloth of pleasance, when she list to drinke.

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