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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 At these words the people began to whisper among themselues secretly, that the voice was neither lowd nor distinct, but as it were the sound of a swarme of bées, till at the last in the nether end of the hall,K. Richards election pre|ferred by [...]|ces of con|federacie. an ambushment of the dukes seruants and Nashfields, and other belonging to the protector, with some pren|tisses and lads that thrust into the hall amongst the prease, began suddenlie at mens backes to crie out, as lowd as their throtes would giue; King Richard, king Richard: and threw vp their caps in token of ioy. And they that stood before, cast backe their heads maruelling therof, but nothing they said. Now when the duke and the maior saw this maner, they wiselie turned it to their purpose, and said it was a goodlie crie, & a ioifull, to heare euerie man with one voice, no man saieng naie.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 Wherefore friends (quoth the duke) sith we per|ceiue it is all your whole minds to haue this noble man for your king (whereof we shall make his grace so effectuall report, that we doubt not but it shall redound vnto your great weale and commoditie) we EEBO page image 731 require ye, that ye to morrow go with vs, and we with you vnto his noble grace, to make our humble request vnto him in maner before remembred. And therewith the lords came downe, and the companie dissolued and departed, the more part all sad: some with glad semblance that were not verie metrie, and some of those that came thither with the duke not a|ble to dissemble their sorrow, were faine at his backe to turne their face to the wall, while the dolor of their hearts burst out of their eies.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Then on the morrow after, the maior with all the aldermen,The maiors comming to Bainards ca|stell vnto the lord protector. and chiefe commoners of the citie, in their best maner apparelled, assembling themselues togi|ther, resorted vnto Bainards castell, where the pro|tector laie. To which place repaired also (according to their appointment) the duke of Buckingham, and diuerse noble men with him, beside manie knights and other gentlemen. And therevpon the duke sent word vnto the lord protector, of the being there of a great and honourable companie, to mooue a great matter vnto his grace. Wherevpon the protector made difficultie to come out vnto them, but if he first knew some part of their errand, as though he doub|ted and partlie mistrusted the comming of such a number vnto him so suddenlie, without anie war|ning or knowledge, whether they came for good or harme.

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