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Compare 1577 edition: 1 And first he plaged them with the swift and thicke flight of his arrowes, and after ioining with them at handstrokes, slue and tooke manie of them priso|ners; so that the rebels were fullie put to flight, and followed first to Mile-end, and from thense some vn|to Poplar, some to Stratford, and Stepnith, and in maner each waie foorth about that part of the ci|tie, the chase being followed for the space of two miles in length. Manie of them were of Essex, and so made their course homewards; but the more part of them fled to the water side, and getting to their ships, pas|sed ouer the Thames to the rest of their companie. The other likewise that were busie to assault Bi|shops gate, when they vnderstood that their fellowes were discomfited and fled from Algate, they like|wise flipped awaie, and made the best shift they could to saue themselues.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 There were a seauen hundred of them that fled from Algate, and other places, flaine outright, be|side the prisoners. And yet there were fiers burning all at once at Algate, Bishops gate, & on the bridge, and manie houses consumed with the same fiers. But now the bastard, vnder whome that companie was directed that had set fire on the bridge, when he saw that he might not preuaile, and vnderstood the e|uill succes of those which he had set ouer the Thames, he withdrew also, and left the bridge. Here the har|die manhood of Rafe Iosselin alderman is not to be passed with silence;Rafe Iosse|lin. who (after he had valiantlie resi|sted the bastard & his band that assaulted the bridge) vpon their retire sallied foorth vpon them, and fol|lowing them in chase alongst the water side, till they came beyond Ratcliffe, slue and tooke verie manie of them.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 The bastard notwithstanding gathered his com|panies togither,The bastard incampeth on Blackeheath. and with such as were willing to re|maine with him incamped on Blackeheath, by the space of thrée daies next insuing, to wit, the sixteenth, seauentéenth, and eightéenth of Maie, vtterlie despai|ring of his wished preie, sith he had béene repelled from London, to his vtter confusion. And now to conclude, hearing that king Edward was comming with a right puissant armie, the said bastard and his people durst no longer abide; but brake vp and disper|sed themselues, some one waie, and some an other. They of Calis got them thither againe with all spéed, and such as were of other countries repaired likewise to their homes, and manie of the Kentish|men went also to their houses. The bastard with his mariners, and such riotous rebels, robbers, and wic|ked persons, as sought nothing but spoile, got them to shipboord, and with all their vessels drew downe to the coast.

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