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Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 3 For they did their best at both places to force the gates, not sparing to bend and discharge such guns as they had brought with them against the same, nor ceassing with arrowes to annoie those that there stood at defense: whereby much hurt was doone, as well at the one place as the other, fire being set on both the gates, in purpose to haue burnt them vp, and so to haue entered.Houses burnt on the bridge. The fire which they had kind|led on the bridge little auailed them, although they burnt there to the number of a thréescore houses. For the citizens had laid such péeces of ordinance directlie in their waie, that although the passage had béene wholie open, they should haue had hard entering that waie foorth. The maior, aldermen, and other worship|full citizens were in good arraie, and each man ap|pointed and bestowed where was thought néedfull.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 The earle of Essex, and manie knights, esquiers, and gentlemen, with their fréends and seruants, came to aid the citizens, taking great paine to place them in order, for defense of the gates and walles: and furthermore, deuised how and in what sort they might make a sallie foorth vpon the enimies to di|stresse them: and suerlie, by the intermingling of such gentlemen and lords seruants in euerie part with the citizens, they were greatlie incouraged to withstand their enimies. Yet the rebels, vnder the leading of one Spising, bare themselues so stoutlie at Algate, that they wan the bulworks there, and droue the citizens backe within the portculice, & en|tered with them, to the number of six or eight: but some of them were slaine with the fall of the portcu|lice that was let downe vpon them, to kéepe the resi|due out, and those that were entered within the gate were suddenlie dispatched.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 Héerewith they lashed freelie the one part at the other with guns and bowes, although no great hurt was doone with shot;The valiancie of Robert Basset alder|man. till at length Robert Basset al|derman (that was appointed to the kéeping of this gate, with the most part of the citizens) and the re|corder, named Ursewike, either of them being well armed in strong iackes, commanded the portculice to be drawen vp, and maintenantlie rushed foorth vp|on their enimies, putting them backe vnto saint Bothulpes church. At the same instant, the earle Ri|uers, hauing got togither a foure or fiue hundred men, well chosen and apparelled for the warre, issued foorth at the posterne by the Tower, and assailing the Kentishmen, euen vpon the point as they were thus put backe, mightilie laid vpon them.

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