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Compare 1577 edition: 1 Now as he was onwards vpon his iornie, he was aduertised, that king Edward was preparing to come forwards against him,The bastard altereth his purpose. assisted in manner with all the great lords of the realme, and others in great number, more than he had beene at anie time before. By reason whereof, doubting what might follow, if passing the riuer he should fortune so to be inclosed, that he should be driuen there [...]y to incounter with the kings power at such ods, he thought it best to al|ter his purpose; and so returning, came backe againe before London, & mustered his people in S. Georges field, ranged and placed in one entier battell.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 And to the intent they might worke their purpo|sed feat, before the kings comming to the rescue, th [...]y resolued with all their forces to assault the citie, and to enter it if they could by plaine strength, that put|ting it to the sacke, they might conueie the riches to their ships, which laie in the riuer betwixt saint Ka|tharins and Blackewall, neere to Ratcliffe. Herevp|on hauing brought certeine peeces of artillerie foorth EEBO page image 690 of their ships, they planted the same alongst the wa|ter side, right ouer against the citie, and shot off lusti|lie, to annoie th [...]m within so much as was possible.

Compare 1577 edition: 1 2 The bastard meaneth to enter the citie by force.But the citizens on the other side lodged their great artillerie against their aduersaries, and with violent shot therof so galled them, that they durst not abide in anie place alongst the water side, but were driuen euen from their owne ordinance. Yet the ba|stard not meaning to leaue anie waie vnassaied that might aduance his purpose, appointed a great num|ber of his retinue to set fire on the bridge, so to open the passage, and to enter into the citie that way forth; and withall, he caused aboue thrée thousand other to passe by ships ouer the Thames; giuing order, that when they were got ouer, they should diuide them|selues into two battels, the one to assault Algate, and the other Bishops gate,Algate and Bishops gate assaulted. which order accordinglie was executed.

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